How to up your dating game

They say dating is a numbers game - so here are the facts and figures to take things to the next level

You can always be better. From your professional to your personal life, there is always room for improvement – but where late nights at the office or poring over spreadsheets can help you climb the ladder at work, upping your dating game is significantly more difficult.

So, if you’re content with where you are professionally in life, but aspire to be doing better in the dating arena, your fellow high-flyers at The Inner Circle are on hand to give you the facts and figures you need to calibrate your date for success.

There’s a fine line to be drawn when it comes to alcohol. Depending on where you’re drinking, what you’re drinking – let’s not go for lager, gents – and how many dates you’ve had, the drinks order should differ. The Inner Circle asked a group of single women their opinion on the matter and the results that came in were resounding. 73% of women asked believed that a man shouldn’t have more than 2 or 3 drinks on a first date. It’s acceptable to drink, was the consensus, but not get too drunk.

Manners are up there with a nice smile and good sense of humour on the list of attributes women highly favour, but men rarely think about. But you really should, gents – as research from The Inner Circle proves that a little gentility goes a long way. Not only did a huge 96% of women asked reveal that good manners were essential in a date going well, but they even outlined certain habits, such as holding doors open, as being as high as 94% essential. So check yourselves, men – maybe nice guys don’t finish last.

A tricky issue, and one which can make or break a first date, the thorny issue of the bill is possibly one of the most hotly-contested around the table of dating etiquette. The Inner Circle surveyed both men and women on this one, and the results are conclusive. 82% of men think it would be nice if women offered to pay, but don’t mind paying the whole thing – and 77% of women agree.

Whatever happens, remember to pick up the bill on the first date – it pays. The independent, ambitious successful women – such as those you’ll find on The Inner Circle – may put up a fight, but they’ll appreciate your gallantry if you’re the one to thrown down your credit card.

This is an interesting one – and a question not often broached by dating etiquette experts. But, like The Inner Circle leaves no stone unturned in finding you the perfect partner, they have also answered every question you could want to know the answer to – this one included. The consensus? Women believe it is good manners for a man to check they’ve returned home safely, with 83% of those asked saying they’d appreciate the gesture. So, even though you think your night might be over after dinner and drinks, go the extra mile and it’ll make all the difference.

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