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How to host the perfect festive party this Christmas

From how to decorate to which La Gioiosa Prosecco to pour, here’s how to throw the best seasonal soirée this side of New Year’s Eve…

‘Joy’. It may be a single, simple word — but it is one that bubbles to the top of the proverbial glass every festive season. Whether accompanying tidings of comfort or being wished to the world, during December, joy is all around. And perhaps that’s why, here at Gentleman’s Journal, we’ve found ourselves so drawn to La Gioiosa Prosecco this Christmas.

Meaning ‘joyful’ in Italian, the brand is guaranteed to bring a seasonal smile to your face this December — and spruce up any festive party you throw. Fresh, fruity and flavoursome, it’s the fizzing foundation of any good sparkling soirée. And there’s a reason for that. Based in the northern Italian city of Treviso, La Gioiosa was founded in a region where annual Christmas traditions include pottery making, the burning of yule logs and enjoying enchanting light displays along the Buranelli canal.

But what else can we learn from the joyful Moretti Polegatos — the close-knit family who owns La Gioiosa? This Christmas, we’ve asked the Italians who bottled joy how we can pour a glass of our own, and throw the perfect festive party…

Begin with a suitably sparkling aperitif

Any guests you invite will be fighting their way to your party through cold and dark weather — so what better way to welcome them than with a restorative glass of excellent, effervescent Prosecco? If nothing else, gripping the glass will warm up their frozen fingers. And, with its subtle and persistent perlage, there are few better party-starting options than La Gioiosa’s Prosecco DOC Treviso.

Of course, ’tis the season for indulgence — so why stop at one sparkling wine? To ring in the festive season, try uncorking a bottle of Prosecco Rosé DOC La Gioiosa, too; a blend of Glera and Pinot Noir with a silky and round taste. Thanks to its fruity, floral flavours of both rose and pomegranate, there’s an almost summery feel to this one — but the intense incense aromas bring things back to Christmas.

Decorate your space accordingly

It’s Christmas; so make sure your guests know it. But that doesn’t mean going overboard — and trimming everything in tinsel and fuse-blowing fairy lights. Instead, we’d recommend restraint. Be sparing with your seasonal decorations — and build your entertaining space around functional, practical items rather than gaudy, ill-considered centrepieces.

Some top tips? Do away with that tray full of flutes. It looks a little kitsch — and wide tulip glasses are both more visually appealing to your guests and hold more Prosecco. Go for this glassware, and you won’t be darting around on refill duty all night long. And, as Prosecco shouldn’t be served too cold, you don’t even need to clutter the place up with ice buckets. Instead, trim a tree, fold napkins into seasonal shapes and scatter a handful of tasteful baubles across the table.

Remember to put on a show

Just because your decorations show restraint, that doesn’t mean your entire party should turn into a quaint, quiet, silent night. Remember to put on a show to make this a Christmas evening to remember. Dig out the record player for some vintage festive tunes, and get your dress code right — everyone likes dressing up during party season (we’d suggest a suitable seasonal velvet jacket).

And, while the festive spirit may tempt you to shake up your bottles of fizz, resist this urge. Instead of cork-popping or a display of seasonal sabrage, grab a kitchen towel whenever you’re opening a new bottle. Place it over the cork, slowly twist and pull the bottle back (at a 45-degree angle and away from your partygoers). Gently tug until you hear a ‘pop’. And then, rather than filling your glasses on a flat surface — the Prosecco will foam too much this way — mingle while filling guests’ glasses, pouring at an angle to cushion those precious bubbles.

Choose your food based on pairings

At Christmas, all your most memorable meals hinge on the food and drink pairings. Think about it. What is a glass of port without a slice of stilton? And what would a Christmas pudding be without a good soaking in fine brandy? The food-drink link fuels Christmas — and that’s why Prosecco should help form the menu for your seasonal soirée.

The La Gioiosa Rosé is perhaps the most versatile of the Italian brand’s wines, and is sure to pair perfectly with almost anything you serve up — from shellfish to ripe fruit. But, before we get to the main course, you must find the best wine to accompany your appetisers. For this, buy a bottle of La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC Treviso; with its lively, fresh character.

And, when the dishes become even more decadent — roast meat, flavourful fish or richly flavoured desserts — you can always rely on the intense, flavourful fizz of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG to bring out the best in your menu.

Give the most thoughtful gifts

Whether these be party favours or a ‘Secret Santa’ organised before the evening begins, every one of your guests will enjoy unwrapping a gift. But what to buy? We’d forgo the usual aftershave or socks in favour of something a little more special. For added sparkle, pick up an extra-special glittering-gold bottle of La Gioiosa Gold Prosecco DOC Treviso — a wine as opulent as the bottle it’s presented in.

It’s the perfect gift to keep the party going. The colour of very pale straw with fine, persistent bubbles, the aroma is fruity with hints of ripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. Couple this with the dry, fresh and flavoursome sensation on the palate, and a fruity and harmonious aftertaste, and it’ll make the perfect glass for them to raise on Christmas Day later this month.

Shake up some seasonal cocktails

And, to draw the night to a close, what better way to celebrate than with a seasonal cocktail? Among the usual heavy festive recipes — Eggnog, Buttered Rum, Hot Toddies — our favourite serves remain sprightly; lighter twists on traditional drinks that still show off seasonal produce, but make for a gentler end to the evening.

One of the best uses Prosecco La Gioiosa as a base. Simply pour a glassful per person into a chilled shaker, add some fresh blackberries and raspberries and a little sugar. Shake together and decant into glasses — and you’ll have the perfect Raspberry Bellini in no time. Follow this rule, and the five above, and you’re guaranteed to have the most sparkling Christmas party this side of New Year. Joy to the world, indeed.

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