How to get Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders haircut

Inspired by the new series of the gang drama? Reach for the razor to go full Tommy Shelby...

Cillian Murphy has become a hair icon with his iconic style as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Although this hairstyle is increasing in popularity, it is a style the Murphy himself is not a fan of – always bringing up the fact that it was designed to prevent lice in the 1930s.

But, although the cut would have been even harsher in the 1930s, with a clean shave on the sides, barbers nowadays are updating the style and giving it a modern twist. Here’s Ruffians‘ Adam Bodini on how to achieve the look.

How to get Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders haircut

What is it called?

Traditionally, an undercut shaved with a cutthroat razor on the back and sides, keeping the weight on top. The modern version of this involves a skin fade on the sides, maintaining an undercut. The top is then cut to provide texture and shape. 

Who does it suit?

Not many of us are lucky enough to have Cillian Murphy’s cheekbones. However, if you do, then this style will most certainly suit you. On top of wonderful cheekbones, this style also suits those with large forehead and receding hairlines. For those of you with a round face, sorry to say this one is not for you.

How to get Cillian Murphy’s Peaky Blinders haircut

What to ask for?

A Tommy Shelby (any British barber worth their weight should know what this is). High and tight on the sides, disconnect on top keeping or maintaining weight on top with slightly more length on the fringe.

How to style it daily?

Quick, easy and relaxed- Tommy Shelby is not a pomade guy – he leaves that to his brothers. Texturising spray is a must – or sea salt. Spray the texturising lotion or sea salt into hair, from the crown – comb your hair forwards and part where it sits best for you sweeping the fringe slightly to one side. Leave to dry naturally and finish with Ruffians Matt Clay for some natural looking hold. Now, grab your flat cap and you’re good to go…

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