How to buy friends and influence people: Lessons in social climbing from Anna Sorokin

The fake heiress is currently in police custody. But it didn't have to be this way, explains Nimrod Kamer.

Anna Delvey is in ICE custody. After initially being released due to Covid and other extenuating Circumstances, the con-queen may soon get deported from the United States altogether. An immigration judge ruled on April 6th, 2021 against her re-release, siding with an ICE attorney who claimed that Anna’s Instagram posts show she hasn’t been rehabilitated and is a “danger to society.” For the time being, Miss Sorokin — as she is properly known — will remain in Bergen County jail in New Jersey. This part of her saga will not make it into Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming miniseries “Inventing Anna”, starring Julia Garner as Sorokin and Laverne Cox as Neff Davis, the concierge at 11 Howard Hotel.

Her tale could have ended differently. Anna didn’t have to go to jail in the first place, let alone go back in for a second time, after her first triumphant covid-related release in March. Top grifters should know how to change identity and switch countries as soon as they’re released. One must never fish in the same pool twice — let alone attempt to wallow in their own infamy. Sorokin gave interviews to Tatler and a dozen other publications, in an attempt to make even more money off a crime already committed, and sold her life rights to Netflix. But she should have lain low and stayed silent. Anna could have moved on to scam somebody new, somewhere else; maybe even indulged in a little social climbing. 

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