Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Are you forever wondering if luxury slippers are really worth it? Well, this selection should prove that the answer is always 'yes'...

As the nights start to draw in, the rain hurls itself at our windows and the leaves gradually drift from the trees with all the poignancy of a W.B. Yeats poem, we need to turn our attention away from the pumpkin spice lattes and towards the intricacies of our wardrobes. It’s the season to be cosy, snug and warm; and if you’re looking to achieve such ‘hyggeness’ in your everyday life, there is no better style item to turn to than slippers.

Luxury slippers, to be precise. Because while slippers in general are certainly a cosy wardrobe staple, luxury slippers take the wearer’s experience to an entirely new level of blissful comfort (or, indeed, comfortable bliss). Whether clad in cashmere, lined with shearling or composed from leather: you can wholeheartedly believe us when we say it truly pays to invest in a stellar pair of luxury men’s slippers. There’s simply no better route to autumnal comfort, where the modern man is concerned: and so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the very best luxury slippers around.

For a classic look: Crockett & Jones Plain Albert Black Velvet Slippers

There’s no slipper more classic than the Albert; and when you throw timeless British brand Crockett & Jones into the mix, you’re left with a quintessentially traditional slipper that has all the trappings of suave, exquisite luxury. If you’re wondering whether it truly pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers: well, this pair will convince you right from the off.

Take the butter soft black velvet, for example; and then couple that with the satin quilted lining and suitably sturdy leather sole. The result is a slipper that’ll see you through autumn and winter for many years to come: such is its durability, practicality and timeless elegance. This is a slipper that’ll never go out of fashion; instead, it has a shining, enduring feature as a lasting classical staple of your wardrobe.

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Crockett & Jones Slippers


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For ultimate comfort: Loro Piana Maurice Cashmere-Lined Suede Slippers

If there was ever a brand that knows how to seamlessly blend elegant luxury with glorious comfort, it would be Loro Piana. And when it comes to slippers, this sleek Italian brand can deliver the goods — with all the resplendent cashmere you’d expect to find from a brand that doesn’t skimp on the luxury side of things.

This is a pair of slippers you’ll want to invest in: because as well as being exquisitely soft and gentle on your feet (which are no doubt feeling sorer than usual, thanks to the return of the commute), thanks to the cashmere lining, their navy suede exterior (‘Deep Blue Iris’, to give the colour its full name) ensures their prominence as an enduringly stylish, fashionable addition to your wardrobe this year, and for many years to come.

For slippers you can host in: Church’s Daino Leather Grecian Slippers

‘Who wears slippers while hosting guests?’, we hear you cry: with a look of bewilderment and a tone of dismay. Well, gents — with these slippers, courtesy of Church’s, you can. We’d never advise entertaining guests while maintaining a slovenly appearance (actually, we’d never advocate a slovenly appearance for a gentleman, full stop); but these slippers are about as far from slovenly as it’s possible to get.

When it comes to investing in slippers, this Grecian pair is worth its weight in gold: because you can entertain all autumn (and winter) long whilst wearing them. With the structured shape and square toe, they’re suitably sturdy (just the thing for dashing around the table while refilling wine glasses); but they’re delightfully supple and have a soft sole, so remain blissfully comfortable. Finally, with the blending of both Grecian and moccasin elements, this slipper maintains an easy-going aesthetic (helped along by the natural Daino leather) — which will help your guests feel right at home.

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Church's Grecian Slippers


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For supreme style: Paul Stuart Hope Velvet Tasselled Slippers

You know what’s stylish? Grosgrain and leather trims. You know what else is stylish? Chic, sophisticated tassels. Presumably you can see where we’re going with this, so we’ll stop beating around the bush: these velvet slippers hail from Paul Stuart, and they’re about as stylish as slippers can get.

There’s the velvet, for one thing; always a material to add elegance to any product, it seems to go on for velvety acres where these slippers are concerned. But it’s the tasselling, too; and the quilted lining, for a third. The leather trims don’t hurt, either. In brief, this is a supremely stylish slipper: so if you’re looking for years’ worth of homewear style, this is a pair of luxury slippers worth investing in.

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Paul Stuart Slippers


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For a luxurious start to your day: Derek Rose Men’s Open-Back Slipper

If you’re not a morning person now (we can’t blame you) you will be once you own this pair of luxury mule slippers. For that reason alone, it’s worth investing in Derek Rose’s sublime craftsmanship. These slippers will likely see you bounding from bed to desk in one fell swoop — such is their exemplary comfort — and your productivity levels are likely to correspondingly soar.

It sounds like a miracle, we know; but then Morgan full grain leather slippers tend to have that effect. They’re handmade, and sport a supple, soft suede lining together with a leather cushioned footbed (hence the supreme levels of comfort). And with those soft suede soles, you won’t even wake your housemate as you dash around the house with all that newfound morning zeal.

For timeless elegance: Edward Green Penzance Slipper

We get it: ‘slipper’ and ‘elegant’ sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, to say the least. But hopefully we’ve emphasised enough by now that it pays to invest in a pair of luxury men’s slippers for the style credentials alone; and when it comes to sheer elegance, Edward Green is the brand to turn to.

The Northampton shoemaker is known across the globe for the exquisite elegance of its creations; and its slippers are no exception. The Penzance slipper, cut from Italian baby calf suede, makes it abundantly clear that slippers can be as suave, sophisticated and chic as any formal footwear: and with that French-bound top-line (not to mention the tassels), you’ll be wishing you could wear these slippers to every occasion (especially when you take into account the many — and varied — colour options available). 

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Edward Green Penzance Slipper


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For unrivalled warmth: Mr P. Shearling-Lined Suede Slippers

‘Keeping your feet warm’ is pretty much top of the list for slippers, isn’t it? That’s their primary function (though, when it comes to luxury slippers, style is a pretty close second). Luckily, warmth is an area in which these undeniably cosy slippers (courtesy of Mr P.) can happily excel.

That’s owing predominantly to their shearling lining: topped, of course, by the smooth black suede and leather soles. You’d think that backless slippers might not be as warm and cosy as their backed counterparts: but rest assured that these are the slippers to look for if you’re looking to keep your feet snug all autumn long. (Plus, they’re undeniably stylish; just the thing for a dapper, debonair gentleman).

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Mr. P Shearling-Lined Slippers


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For the last word in durability: Cheaney Albert Street Slipper

We don’t often think of ‘durable’, when considering a slipper’s essential qualities. Comfortable, yes. Luxurious, certainly; and elegant, ideally. But this undeniably attractive Albert Street Slipper, courtesy of Cheaney, will ensure that ‘durable’, ‘practical’ and ‘pragmatic’ are three words added to your list of what makes a good slipper a great slipper.

When you think about it, a slipper needs to be durable; you’re constantly slipping them on and off, and they might be your trusty companions when undertaking any number of household chores. Luckily, this pair will deliver the durable goods while looking supremely suave at the same time. The elegant, classic look is undisputed: and the sturdy suede upper and rubber sole guarantees this slipper will fit more snugly than you’d dared to hope. (They’re running low, too; so you’ll want to invest in this particular pair of luxury men’s slippers very soon. Trust us.)

Here’s why it pays to invest in luxury men’s slippers

Cheaney Albert Street Slipper


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