Here’s proof that 2016 was the year Prince William became as stylish as his father

The Royal Family have a strong and upstanding tradition of being some of the best dressed men and women to walk the planet...

The Royal Family have a strong and upstanding tradition of being some of the best dressed men and women to walk the planet. Prince Charles has been been named as the absolute height of fashion for years, by industry experts such as Jeremy Langmead and Dame Vivienne Westwood and the general public alike. And this year, Prince William has upped the ante, following in his style icon father’s footsteps. Here are the photos that prove that.

He nails casual cool

Even when he’s performing his duties, as he was here on a royal visit, he still manages to bring an edge to everything he does. He may be expected to wear a suit most of the time, but Prince William certainly knows how to nail casual cool.

He manages to always stay dapper

Even when he’s playing darts with the locals, he still manages to look unbelievably dapper and put together. Tie? Check. Blazer? Check. Freshly ironed shirt? You bet.

He stays fresh even after a drink

One of the most unattractive traits of a gentleman is to become sloppy after a drink. And while we aren’t for any moment suggesting that Prince William would come anything close to inebriated, he’s the perfect example of how to stay fresh and look sober after a drink – or several.

He can pull off anything

Even with a lei around his neck, Prince William is still at the top of his style game. Sharp, slick and ready to take on anything, the Prince proves that the most gentlemanly act is taking anything in your stride.

He proves that smart doesn't mean a suit and tie

‘Smart’, to most people, means a suit and a tie – nothing else will fit the bill. Prince William, however, breaks those boundaries and proves that a shirt and jacket will do more than just fine.

Smart casual isn't ever a problem

One of the most difficult dress codes to get right is smart casual; it means different things to different people, but Prince William knows how to do it – and do it well. Forget jeans and a t shirt. This is the real deal, gentlemen.

Linen is never a problem for Prince William

Linen is a difficult fabric to pull off; it creases, it’s sometimes see-through and it can have all of the wrong kinds of ‘dad’ connotations. Prince William, however, blows all of these synonyms out of the water, and wears linen incredibly well.

He knows how to dress for the summer

Hark back to a month or so ago, and you’ll remember the dread of getting on the Central line for fear of coming off in a sweaty mess with no hope for the rest of the day. Prince William, however, manages to keep his cool, maintain his style and never, ever let it be known just how much the weather is affecting him on the inside.

He appreciates the versatility of the navy blazer

The navy blazer is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing there is. Prince William rocks the navy blazer and appreciates that it’s simple, stylish and ready to wear with almost anything he likes.

He knows how to play with texture

For Prince William, it’s not just about cotton and simple fabrics. He understands the importance of mixing it up and making a change; versatility in the textures of your outfit is one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. It mixes things up and keeps you stylish – just take not from the future King.

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