Heat up your kitchen game with our Crane cookware competition

From the perfect pot for creating casseroles to a griddle pan that turns up the heat, join the Clubhouse to be in with a chance of winning this quality cookware

As we all know, there is nothing as cathartic, impressive or downright tasty as whiling away an hour or two in the kitchen; quality time spent with the best in ingredients and equipment. From simply cooked starters to decadent desserts, food is one of the most important parts of our lives — so it pays to do it right.

Crane Cookware, a British company cooking up a storm in the kitchenware sector, are inclined to agree. That’s why they’ve created a range of cast iron products finished with a pioneering and specially formulated matt black enamel.

These are pots and pans that are crafted to offer the highest resistance to thermal shocks and scratches, and are ideal for anything from sautéing and caramelizing, to searing and braising. Below, we’ve picked out our four favourite pans, and partnered with Crane to give our Clubhouse members a chance to win the whole set.

To cook up a storm, go for the C1 Casserole

Even though winter may be coming to an end, we all love a warming casserole to see us through tough days and cold nights. Use Crane’s C1 Casserole dish — cast in Vitreous Enamelled Iron — and you’ll soon be serving up a sumptuously simmered dish.

Like all of Crane’s cookware, it comes with a 10 Year Warranty, and is suitable for all hobs — including induction. And, what’s more, in this chic matt black colour it looks less like a practical utensil and more like a stylish kitchen accessory.

To get your kitchenware sautéd, pick up a C2 Sauté Pan

Any idea what sautéing is? No, we didn’t either. But, because we wanted to use Crane’s C2 Sauté Pan so much, we made the effort to find out. Turns out, it’s a form of dry-heat cooking where you use a small amount of oil and finely chopped ingredients to develop complex flavours and aromas. Who knew?

And the best pan for the job? Crane’s purpose-made C2. It weighs a hefty 4.5 kilograms, uses the same universal lid from the brand — that also fits every pan on this list, and has been designed with ergonomic power grip handles to give you a culinary helping hand.

To stick with the frying pan, fire up the C3

Everyone needs a solid frying pan in their kitchen’s arsenal, and they don’t come much hardier than this 3.8 kilogram, Vitreous Enamelled Cast Iron C3 from Crane. Season the metal, and it will gradually ‘burn in’ as it is used and take on a well-worn brownish patina.

What’s more, and like all of Crane’s products, the C3 is created from 30 per cent recycled scrap iron. So, if you’re among the more environmentally-minded gastronomers out there, this is the perfect sustainable addition to your hob.

Get caught in the griddle of things with Crane’s C5

We’ve waxed, fried and sautéd lyrical about cast iron skillets in the past — and for good reason. There’s something primal and thoroughly masculine about slapping a chunky ribeye down onto a griddle and searing it to medium rare perfection. And it would appear that Crane agrees with us.

This pan, with a 23 centimetre diameter and the same simple-but-effective British design as its brothers, is also oven safe — meaning that you can create a multitude of dinners, suppers, brunches and lunches and serve them all in a captivating cast-iron centrepiece.

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