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Go behind-the-scenes of the Gentleman’s Journal ‘Road to Cannes’

From pit-stops to private jets, here’s what really happened on the latest GJ summer roadtrip

It began in Bordeaux. A team of men selected for their style, sophistication and swagger touched down in France aboard a private jet — is there any other way to fly? — and set out in a fleet of Rolls Royces — is there any other way to drive? — to glittering Cannes, fully swinging with its film festival. 

Richard Anpaw, Colin Dack, Alex Libby and Josh Parkinson were among the men, influencers joined by members of the Gentleman’s Journal team to create a summer roadtrip to remember. We stayed at hotels from Le Logis and La Vue to Chateaus from Saint Martin and De Mercues to Le Labro. And, once we landed in Cannes, we partied the night away on Mischief — an aptly-named superyacht for the antics on board.

But what really happened along the way? You’ve seen the slick finished article, but we had our fair share of spillages, pit stops and impromptu dancing along the trip from Bordeaux to Mischief. Don’t believe us? Just take a look above…

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