How to get Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ hairstyle

As the series nears its end, get your hair cut like James Delaney

Tom Hardy’s pioneering Saturday night drama hasn’t been without its detractors. Controversy, as the show’s name suggests, runs through Taboo as fiercely as anti-hero James Delaney crashes through the streets of Georgian London.

But one element of the Hardy’s deeply-flawed protagonist has garnered unexpected praise: his hair. Despite the incest and cannibalism below the barnet, Hardy’s hairstyle has resulted in his status as a sex symbol in both the show and real life – so how can you follow suit?

“If you’re looking to get your hair like Tom Hardy’s in Taboo,” says Sam Norsworthy, manager and barber of London’s Ruffians Marylebone, “I’d ask your barber for a 0.5 to 0 back and side, with a heavy blend.

“This will separate the sides from the top. Then, ask to have the top cropped, but also to have lots of texture added to allow the hair to be worn messy.

“Then, I’d use a matte clay and generally free form mess it through the hair. Or if you want something with a little more shine, I’d use a light pomade. This way you can get that Tom Hardy short-sides and messy top Taboo look.”

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