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How to get summer hair like Hollywood’s leading gentlemen

The new season is upon us, but which hairstyles should be be looking at for inspiration?

The world of male grooming is a tricky one to navigate, and it’s ever-changing. Trends come and go but one thing’s for sure and that’s that the world’s most photograph gentlemen know what they’re doing (it might also help that they have access to some of the greatest hairstylists in the world. From Gosling and Reynolds to DiCaprio and Cooper, these are the hairstyles guaranteed to turn heads this season.

Ryan Gosling

How to get summer hair like Hollywood’s leading gentlemen

The La La Land star has for years been a gentleman that men want to be and that women want to be with. From the clothes on his back to the hair on his head, he nails it. His haircut is an easy one to emulate, particularly if you have short hair. All you need is some decent wax (Gosling often opts for wet-look option) and enough hair on the top of your hair to be able to sweep it back to one side. Go for a shorter style on the side and grow it a bit longer on top for optimum styling options. Also, ensure that you pick the side that your hair naturally falls on, trying to change this will look odd and out of place.

Bradley Cooper

How to get summer hair like Hollywood’s leading gentlemen

Bradley Cooper has always been the master of the impeccable lid, and for the majority of his time in the spotlight (other than a couple of shaved-head moments), he’s maintained a long, strong head of hair. For this style, you really do need to be genetically blessed with thick locks and be patient when growing it out. Keep it long – but not too long – and invest in strong-hold products and a comb that’ll style it up the right way. Ideally, your hair needs to be slightly dirty for the hold to really work, so don’t shampoo it too often. The trick here is to keep a bit of volume rather than slicking it so far back that you look like Draco Malfoy. Avoid at all costs.

Leonardo DiCaprio

How to get summer hair like Hollywood’s leading gentlemen

DiCaprio has been through as many hairstyles as he has women, but finding the perfect style that’s suited to you is all about experimentation – you have to take the rough with the smooth and the long with the short in order to discover what actually suits you. The slicked-back side parting is definitely one that suits a certain type of gentleman and looks best when paired with your most dapper attire. See Cooper’s lid as your weekend wear and DiCaprio’s as your weekday. Your hair doesn’t need to be as long – or as thick – to be able to wear this and the key, again, is in the right products. You need to accentuate your parting, so make sure that you’ve found your natural one, that you have decent gel (and probably a hairspray) and a fine-tooth comb to make sure each strand is perfectly in place. Sure, this will take you more time than a quick ruffle of the towel, but it will be worth it.

Ryan Reynolds

How to get summer hair like Hollywood’s leading gentlemen

Perhaps the most low-maintenance of the lot, this is the perfect cut for when the weather gets warmer and you’re looking to lose a few layers. Perfectly adaptable for both work and play, it also suits men of all ages. Traditionally known as the short back and sides, this take on a classic is more elegant and gentlemanly than its perhaps more thuggish connotations. The only product you’ll need is a little bit of wax for the top, and the rest should be cut short enough so you shouldn’t have to touch it. The key is to not use wet-look and to make sure that you’re keeping enough volume within the overall style so that you don’t accidentally appear to have less hair than you actually do. It’s also important to style upwards and ever so slightly to the side, rather than create a more prominent side parting a la Gosling.

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