5 style lessons you can learn from Bradley Cooper

Long coats. Check shirts. Limitless style.

Bradley Cooper has played some memorably characters. From his breakout role in the Hangover to that of a talking, gun-toting raccoon, the actor knows how to pick his roles to stand out from the crowd. And his sartorial eye is similarly sharp. 

But what lessons can we learn from the Oscar-nominated actor?

Go long

Cooper is the master of the longer coat. Be it a trench or an overcoat, don’t be afraid to add a little length to your outerwear – but ensure you know what style to go for. Sharp lines and single breasted works best for formalwear, whereas something a little more busy and double-breasted is great for a casual look.

Three is a magic number

The three-piece suit can often look too hectic, with so many buttons and garments jostling for position and ending up a far cry from the ever-sleek two piece suit. But Cooper knows how to keep it refined, with a slim-fit waistcoat, dark colours and meticulously tailored trousers. Keeping it slim-cut on the bottom means that your two-garment top will appear less busy.

Switch up your shirting

Be it stripes, spots or the ever-reliable checks, Cooper isn’t afraid to pair a patterned shirt with a suit – a bold move and one rarely seen, but a welcome change from the block colours which pervade most red carpets. A quick tip: don’t partner patterned shirts with patterned ties – there can be too much going on.

Lighten up

As with the last lesson, this also concerns formalwear. Cooper doesn’t shy away from a lighter coloured suit – even when attending a premiere or award ceremony. Like Eddie Redmayne, among others, who favour louder colours or patterned suits, this is Cooper’s take on red carpetwear.

Hell for leather

The leather jacket is as diverse in its appearance as it is in its applications. From smart to casual – and everywhere in between – different leather jackets can serve different purposes. Cooper has stepped out in a dark green number, the classic black and a casual suede on more than one occasion, proving that for every outfit, there is a leather jacket that matches.

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