Saturday, 23 September 2017

Gentlemen, what is your favourite UK shoot?

If you had to choose, what would it be?

Gentlemen, what is your favourite UK shoot?
The Gentleman

It’s hard, nay impossible, to define the best shoot in the UK – the undeniable zenith of pheasant and partridge shooting. The draw of driven game shooting, and all country sports for that matter, is that there is no prejudice towards age, gender or background – everyone is welcomed with open arms. The camaraderie and occasion that accompanies a day in the field is second to none. Then there is the thrill of the sport itself and the array of forms it can take. From rough days in the West Country to double gunning in Northumberland, every predilection is catered for.

Such is the variety, choosing a favourite is totally subjective. Every Gun has the days he or she pines for through the summer months – days that last in the ether regions of nostalgia for seasons to come. In this vein, we here at The Gentleman’s Journal want to hear from you, from Caithness to Cornwall, about what your top shoots are, and what sets them apart…

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