Saturday, 19 August 2017

Gentleman’s Journal x Mark’s Club Christmas party

Last night saw Gentleman's Journal host a truly luxurious kick off to the festive season at Mark's Club

01/49 Marina Hambro
02/49 Miles Bugby
04/49 Amber Nuttall & Guest
05/49 Celine Larose, Hannah Burden-Teh, Rima Taha & Philip Poole
07/49 Lady Daisy Fane
08/49 Lady Daisy Fane & India Clevely
09/49 Lady Claire Hay
10/49 Hemmo Bloemers & Pheobe Rolls
11/49 Henry Hales & Jesse Jenkins
12/49 Henry Hales
13/49 Jack Blackmore
14/49 James Campbell-Grey
15/49 James Fisher & Nigel Blow
16/49 Janie Elliot
17/49 Jemima Cadbury & Will Tobin
18/49 George Blandford
19/49 George Blandford & George Meyrick
20/49 Gabriella Colchin & Natalie Zabala
21/49 Gabriela Colchin
22/49 Freddie Colridge & Archie Manners
23/49 David Tollemarch & Jemima Cadbury
24/49 Daisy Knatchbull
25/49 Billy Jenks
26/49 Charlie Bowmont
27/49 Charles Astor & David Tollemarch
28/49 Charlie Henderson
29/49 Charlotte Porter
30/49 Daisy Jenks & India Clevely
31/49 Daisy Jenks
32/49 Balthazar Fabricius & Tristan Gervais
33/49 Archie Rutland, David Tollemarch, Lady Claire Hay & Henry Hales
34/49 Arabella Boardman
35/49 Amber Nuttall
36/49 Alex Oprey & Edward Bodenham
39/49 Alex Mavros
40/49 Bryan Winch
41/49 Daniel Malarkey, Henry Kimber, Gabriela Colchin and Natalia Zabela
42/49 James Massey & Kirstee Wilson
43/49 Laura De Castiglioni and Alon Gook
44/49 Liz Elliot & Eliza Cockerell
45/49 Mark Nash
46/49 Maxim de Turckheim
47/49 Richard Biedel, Bella Buchanan & Miles Bugby
48/49 Rod Banner, Emma Weaver and Freddie Colridge
49/49 Tom Warren & Lady Daisy Fane
The Gentleman

Last night saw Gentleman’s Journal host a truly luxurious kick off to the festive season by inviting guests to celebrate the success of 2016 at the ultimate gentlemanly destination: Mayfair’s Mark’s Club. Guests were welcomed with roaring fires and the perfect festive setting to get in the mood for the Christmas period and to celebrate the last year. An incredible array of cocktails provided by Belvedere were on offer, including a delicious Belvedere Cucumber Spritz and Red Berry Mule. Mouth-watering canapés by Mark’s Club included a delicious crouton of foie gras and sensational tempura prawns.  

A very special thanks to Belvedere and Mark’s Club. 

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