Gentleman’s Diary: The Gentleman’s Grand Tour Begins

Yesterday, we kicked off our trip to Cannes with a tour of the Goodwood Estate and black tie dinner...

Our annual road trip to Cannes was kicked off in serious style yesterday, as we gathered together some of our favourite gentlemen and headed to the heart of West Sussex to enjoy a day on the extraordinary Goodwood Estate.

Making our way across the English countryside in vintage Land Rover Defenders, we took our time enjoying the manor’s expansive grounds, before heading to Hound Lodge for a well-deserved black tie dinner. As the drinks flowed long into the night, our cohort of friends partied in style, as Chopard helped them keep track of time with a selection of their elegant watches.

From L-R: Eric Underwood, Richard Biedul, Bradley James, Luke Pasqualino, Sam Way and Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Pietro Boselli
Pietro Boselli
men at goodwood estate
Eric Underwood, Pietro Boselli, Richard Biedul and Sam Way

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