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The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

Get inspired by the colognes worn by the world’s most celebrated gentlemen

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Money, fame and women, these world famous men have had it all in abundance. But to achieve their level of prestige, something else is required. When you come across an icon, they seem to possess an essence that stands out, something that you can’t quite put into words. Is it the way they walk, talk, dress, or maybe it’s the way they smell?

So, what better way to discover the secret ingredient to being a gentleman than to delve into one of the most intimate aspects of his wardrobe: the scent he wears. So, let’s take a look at the signature scents of some of the world’s most memorable men throughout the ages – and get inspired.

Edward VIII: Windsor by Creed

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

Brewed at the behest of the most exciting royal ever to have emerged from the House of Windsor, this cologne lives up to the Prince’s vivacious reputation. A combination of flavors from around the late British Empire, including British gin and Jamaican lime, this fragrance is for those who wish to stand out from the crowd as much as the rampant royalist did.





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James Hunt: Brut 33 Faberge

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

One of the world’s foremost sporting icons and among the first to be awarded the label ‘celebrity’, James Hunt’s signature scent matches his daring nature on the race track and off it. Although Brut 33 is not for the fainthearted with its herbal and heavy tones, it encapsulates the bold environment of the 1970s, and the decade in which James was at his peak. So, if you feel brave enough, why not go retro with your cologne this season?

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Gianni Agnelli: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

Not content with defining Italy’s GDP through his domination of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli was also a fashion and celebrity icon, and the scent he chose to wear whilst he lived it up was Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet. Described as a fragrance fit for aristocracy, the crispness and depth of the fragrance were a perfect fit for a man who made the high life an art form. This scent is for those that want to live up to the impressive standards Agnelli set.


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Sammy Davis Jr: Aramis

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

As the classiest member of the Rat Pack, it’s unsurprising that  Sammy Davis Jr would opt for a fragrance as timeless and classic as the man himself. A charmer and a showman who stood out even in the ultimate super group, the deep sandalwood tones of Aramis accompanied his arrival to many a Vegas stage. For gentlemen who have little time for passing fads, Aramis is for the true style originators.

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Ian Fleming: Floris No. 89

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

With its elegant notes of lemon and sandalwood, Floris No.89 screams of Savile Row. Favored by one of the most iconic writers of all time, Ian Fleming, donning this fragrance will make any gentleman feel they posses the erotic gravitas of 007 – and for good reason.


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JFK: Eight & Bob

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

The most charismatic of American Presidents adopted this fragrance whilst touring the French Riviera. Described as dapper and woody in its tones, it embodies the personality of the sexually charged high flyer that Kennedy was. Having only been re-released in the last few years, this fragrance is suited to every gentleman, no matter where he’s going or what he’s doing.


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Leonardo DiCaprio: Eau D’Hadrien

The fragrances the world’s most iconic men have worn

Leonardo DiCaprio has had more beautiful women and Oscar nominations than we’ve had hot dinners. His signature scent, the exclusive and expensive Eau D’Hadrien by Annick Goutal is described as a love letter to Italy, with its abundance of sunny citrus scents. This fragrance is an investment, but clearly one that pays off.

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