5 millionaires with no taste

Money doesn’t always equate to style; in fact, some of the worst offenders are also some of the most wealthy people on the planet, as brief stroll around London at this time of year will tell you. Taste is something money really just can’t buy.

Pankaj Parakh and his £127,000 gold shirt

This purchase was frankly one of the most ridiculous stories of the year. Mr Parakh is a local politician in his native Maharashtra, India, and he funds his extravagant lifestyle with earnings from his hugely successful textile business. This abomination of a shirt weighs an impressive four kilograms but has been designed so Mr Parakh has freedom of movement. ‘Bling’ is an awful thing by itself, but especially when taken so dimwittedly literally.


Alfonso Soriano and his bright blue Hummer

The former New York Yankees player purchased this monstrosity in 2009, reportedly spending over $100,000 on the monster vehicle. He eventually made the right choice in putting it up for sale on eBay just a few years later.


Paris Hilton and her $325,000 dog mansion

The hotel heiress’ dogs have been provided with a scale replica of the Hilton home, meaning that Prada, Dolce, and all their other tastefully named friends are provided with the utmost comfort. It looks horrific.


Victoria Beckham and her £22,000 gold iPhone

Mr Beckham is undoubtedly a very stylish man, often embracing the look of the understated gentleman with aplomb. His wife, however, doesn’t seem to be quite on the same page with her garish gold iPhone. Posh spice hasn’t quite got the memo.


Marquis Daniels and his self-modeled necklace

The former Boston Celtics player commissioned a necklace in his own image, which bears a woefully vague resemblance to its owner. Composed of porcelain eyes and black diamond chain dreadlocks, along with 1,300 grams of white and cognac diamonds and 14 carat gold, this piece of jewellery is just awful. There’s narcissism, and then there’s Marquis Daniels.

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