Fill yourself with Christmas cheer — and festive food — at Wertheim Village

At this Frankfurt fashion destination, your winter wardrobe will benefit almost as much as your appetite. Check out the best in high fashion and gastro pop-ups here…

Christmas is, arguably, as much about food as it is about presents. Thankfully, at this German shopping destination, you can tick both off your Christmas list.

Wertheim Village is one of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, and sits close to both Nuremberg and Frankfurt. But, while these two major German cities are flooded during the festive season with Christmas shoppers, market stalls and full-price fashion, Wertheim Village is peaceful, tasteful and under an hour down the road.

Fill yourself with Christmas cheer — and festive food — at Wertheim Village

Upon arrival, you should head straight to one of the unrivalled eateries to fuel up for the day of seasonal shopping ahead. The options are plentiful, but we’d have to suggest either Müller’s roast & grill, where you can indulge in delicious grilled sausages, meat loaf and Winzerbraten, or Coffee Fellows, where you can create your own hearty bagel from up to ten different breads, from pumpkin to sesame.

Once you’ve indulged in the best German food Wertheim Village has to offer, it’s off to the shops. With over 100 boutiques in which to browse, there’s something for everyone this Christmas — whether you’re shopping for others, or for yourself.

To get ready for the winter, why not pop into Woolrich, Belstaff or Handstich to prepare your wardrobe for the oncoming frost? And, if you’re heading off to see family, or to hit the slopes this season, upgrade your luggage and accessories at Samsonite, Tumi or Aigner.

Of course, for thermals in general, there are no better manufacturers than Lululemon — yet another brand from which you can enjoy discounts of up to 70% at Wertheim Village.

But the most exciting stops at the retail destination this Christmas aren’t just shops. – dip into some of the best eateries around, from the sweet and tasty Christmas crêpes at Mon Amour Bio Crêpes, to the chocolate-smothered waffles at Amorino.

Fill yourself with Christmas cheer — and festive food — at Wertheim Village

The Christmas Market also houses some of the best pop-ups this year. In Plaza D, the festive huts have opened once again, with a waft of the sweet scent of sugary candied almonds. It’s the perfect place to rest your retail-weary legs or recharge at Wertheim Village with a warming, wintry cup of mulled wine or an artisanal sausage sandwich.

And then it’s back to the bargains. Because, be it the elegant and soft knitwear of FTC Cashmere, or the sharp, refined shirts of Eton, there’s something for every winter wardrobe at Wertheim Village.

Fill yourself with Christmas cheer — and festive food — at Wertheim Village

Wertheim Village

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