Everything you need to know about Magnum Marine

The powerboat that can "literally part the seas"

“It’s all in construction,” says Katrin Theodoli, CEO of Magnum Marine. “These boats really are built for frequent offshore use.”

The pursuit of a perfect ride led Magnum Marine to rethink how a boat’s hull should both look and operate, resulting in a now iconic design of unparalleled performance and striking beauty. As displayed by this 51-foot Bestia, the deep-vee hull of a Magnum, infused with Kevlar and carbon fibre, cuts through the water with no fear of damage.

“It’s super-strong,” says Theodoli of the Magnum trademark design, “and simply doesn’t deteriorate. Because of the distinct shape of our hulls, our boats have unbelievable seaworthiness in all conditions. Rather than leaping over the seas, a 24-degree dead rise and deep-V bottom design mean that our entire range of Magnums slice through the waves – they, quite literally, part the seas.”

For more information, visit Magnum Marine here. 

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