Why every superyacht should have a support vessel

Out on the ocean, Imperial's 6711 will ensure it's all plain sailing

Superyachting is synonymous with luxury. From late night meals on deck to relaxing on the sumptuous furnishings of your interior, the high-life undoubtedly be found bobbing on the water. But there is no larger luxury than peace of mind – and that is exactly what Imperial’s newest utility support vessel, the 6711, will give you.

Engineered and built by Damen shipyard, a specialist in utility and defence craft, the Fast Support Vessel 6711 has been created specifically to fulfil any need that may arise when escorting a luxury superyacht. On show at the Monaco Yacht Show next month, and for sale with Imperial, her sweeping lines and imposing profile – an expression of purposefulness and speed – may threaten to upstage the looks of even the sleekest superyacht, but the military pedigree is really what shines through in the design.

67 metres long and boasting a cruising speed of 13.5 knots – with a top speed of 21 knots – the 6711 has a range of 8,720 nautical miles to ensure she crests every wave alongside you. Not only this, but she also meets military demands in both efficiency and precision – with some of the advanced equipment and technology onboard even outstripping that of the services.

To transport and move your tenders, for example, a high-powered crane is situated amidships to allow the crew to launch or retrieve any watersports gear safely and swiftly. A Heila HLRM 140-5s knuckle telescopic model, it is both fully rotational and can handle handle loads as heavy as 21 metric tons – which allows for very big toys.

Her sweeping lines and imposing profile threaten to upstage the looks of even the sleekest superyacht

And it doesn’t end there. If recreation at sea is the aim of your superyachting game, the 6711’s ability to accommodate a wide array of recreational vessels and equipment is unparalleled. She can be outfitted for speed boats and jet skis, scuba gear and even a submarine if you’re feeling like channelling your inner Bond villain.

The ship’s dedicated ‘dive centre’ also features a decompression chamber, and at the other end of the spectrum, a helipad – which can have a pilot and co-pilot on 24/7 alert. Between the two, the interiors have been designed by Damen, and are considerably more luxurious than you’d expect of a support vessel. Outstanding comfort and entertainment features are peppered through the living quarters, mess and training room – all fitted by the award-winning Mark Berryman and designed to embody efficiency down the smallest detail.

This commitment to uncompromising efficiency and precise performance is also reflected in the Captain and crew. Trained to military standards, these 22 highly experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to ensure safe, secure and convenient operation of the on-board water toys as well as the escorted yacht and passengers.

The crew are even trained in deploying and retrieving the more special watercraft, such as submarines or any other highly exclusive water toys and equipment you might wish for. As a result, a support vessel – and the storage and personnel possibilities it opens up, can revolutionise your superyachting experience while opening up considerably more room on your own yacht. Your adventure at sea will take on entirely new dimensions of fascination, with absolutely no compromise on convenience, security and safety.

For further information and viewings of Fast Support Vessel 6711, please contact Julia Stewart, Imperial Director at j.stewart@imperial-yachts.com, or on +377 97 98 38 80

The above images are copyrighted by Guillaume Plisson and Francisco Martinez for Imperial Yachts

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