Endurance adventurer Sean Conway talks becoming “the furthest, fastest and first”

The 36-year old cyclist, runner and 'bloody maniac' has his sights set on success

Sean Conway is a bloody maniac. He won’t be offended by that. He knows it. And it is this mania that fuels his remarkably successful career as a non-professional athlete – a “businessman” who has worked himself into the wondrous position of having ‘other people pay for [his] stupid ideas’. An entrepreneur of endurance, if you will.

His next challenge is his biggest yet.

‘I’m cycling around Australia in July,’ he says casually, as I might about catching the Tube into work. ‘To beat the record I’ve got to complete the 8,500-mile route in 37 days. I’m aiming for 35. That’s just under 240 miles and 20 hours of cycling a day. The furthest I’ve cycled in a day is 400 miles, so I can do the mileage, but for that long is a different story.’

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