“Ecclestone whispered in my ear: ‘just don’t f*ck it up!'” — Christian Horner’s drive to thrive

As the Formula One season reaches its dazzling conclusion, the Red Bull boss talks Netflix, crashes — and the determination to succeed

The foyer at Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes is literally stacked to the ceiling with trophies. Each one has been lifted sky high on a podium, sprayed in champagne and then brought back to earth in a locked glass cabinet in Buckinghamshire.

Every time Christian Horner walks in he passes 17 years of memories. The longest serving team principal in Formula One was once the youngest, brought in by Red Bull in 2005 to manage a fledgling team that would scrap it out against the legendary names of motorsport.

“Nobody thought an energy drink maker from Austria, with no real experience in F1 stood a chance,” recalls Horner. “We were up against Ferrari, McLaren and Williams. There were big characters, big egos – we were almost starting from scratch.”

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