E.J. Churchill are the straight-shooters of British gun-making

Run by shooters, for shooters, the 127-year-old British brand is build on a passion. And you can tell…

It could be argued that, before you pull the trigger on any new business venture, you must consider how passionate you are about what you’re selling. It’s the key to success, and something that has been clear in E.J. Churchill’s approach to business for over a century.

After John Churchill established his eponymous gunmakers in 1891, the brand has steadily grown to where it is today — with its own gunmakers, shooting ground, sporting agency, country outfitters and events business coming together to make them one of the most successful British field sports brands. And that’s all down to their continued passion for shooting.

E.J. Churchill has been led by passionate people for its entire 127-year life. With shotguns, accessories and clothing designed by shooters for shooters, this insight has afforded the brand superior service, and today offers a range of services for shooters from those on the world stage to complete beginners.

The bespoke gun service is second-to-none

Some are bespoke shotguns and rifles from Britain. Others are reliable over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns built to strict specifications by the brand’s Italian and Spanish partners. But all guns offered by E.J. Churchill are synonymous with quality, and imbued with the same passion that has made the business a success.

Our favourite aspect of E.J. Churchill’s gun-making service is surely the bespoke shotguns, however. Created through house of master craftsmanship, expertise and significant investment, you are guided every step of the way — from your initial consultation in the Gun Room, to your first day in the field. It’s like Savile Row for shotguns, with every one of your desires and design choices made into your perfect firearm.

The shooting ground is truly world-class

It was in 1989 that Sir Edward Dashwood created E.J. Churchill’s unrivalled shooting ground at West Wycombe Estate in the Chiltern Hills. Just 30 miles from London, the shooting ground has 150 shooting stands, six clay shooting disciplines, three high towers and five purpose-built grouse butts.

It also features ‘The Pit’, where you can shoot challenging targets over 150ft. It’s an incredible facility, and is regarded as one of the finest of its kind in the world. The World English Sporting Championships have also been held on the ground three times — a testament to the incredible design and heritage of the location.

The sporting agency is both personal and professional

As passionate shooters themselves, there are no-one better than E.J. Churchill to organise the best shoots — in Britain and beyond. With exclusive access to some of the most prestigious sporting estates on the planet, you can encounter the thrill of Grouse amongst the Scottish heather, head for the warmer climes of Spain for Partridge or even stalk wild Boar across the Turkish Hills.

It’s completely unique as a service; at once personal and professional. And, like every aspect of E.J. Churchill’s business, it’s wonderfully inclusive. You could be a seasoned game shot or it could be your first day in the field, and your experience will still be second-to-none.

E.J. Churchill

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