Don a pair of Dockside boat shoes this summer, thanks to the Sebago x Russell & Bromley partnership

As partnerships go, this is a pretty exciting one; Sebago and Russell & Bromley have teamed up to offer a collection of leather Dockside boat shoes this summer.

Great things can stem from a great partnership. Partnerships can result in impactful conversations, transformative results and breathtaking products — and never has this been more apparent than in a particular partnership of the moment: that of Sebago x Russell & Bromley, the result of which is a shoe guaranteed to appeal to boat lovers and landlubbers alike.

That’s right: these two brands have come together to offer gentlemen everywhere a collection of leather Dockside boat shoes — utterly ideal for clambering aboard a yacht during those balmy summer months that seem to have finally arrived (although we’ll try not to tempt fate where the weather’s concerned).

We presume any discerning gentleman is familiar with the classic summer shoe that is the boat shoe (also known as the deck shoe); but then again, hasty presumption has never been something we’ve advocated. With that in mind, the boat shoe has historically been known as the optimum shoe for ‘yachting types’; but in recent years, the shoe has successfully thrown off its exclusively nautical shackles, and correspondingly cemented its status as a style icon in its own right. You can wear them on board a boat, of course — a boat could still be considered their ‘natural habitat’ – but a pair of deck shoes would look just as ‘at home’ on the mainland, especially when coupled with a sophisticated pair of shorts and an ice cold gin and tonic.

But back to this triumphant partnership — soon to be responsible for transforming the shoe rack of many a stylish gentleman this summer. The Dockside shoes will be available to purchase from Russell & Bromley, and take the form of a new premium leather iteration with the classic Sebago silhouette.

The silhouette has been seen on the likes of Steve McQueen...

And it’s a classic silhouette, indeed. Sebago was founded in 1946, and rocketed to success after releasing its first shoe (a hand-sewn penny loafer). The iconic Dockside boat shoe was first released by the brand in 1970; and they rapidly became known for their handsewn genuine moc construction, non-corrosive brass eyelets and slip-resistant rubber sole (a blessing indeed, if on board a boat). This infamous silhouette has been seen on the likes of Steve McQueen, Pharrell Williams and Paul Newman — and soon, thanks to Russell & Bromley, it’ll be seen donning the feet of any man who calls himself a gentleman this summer.

If you’re a Dockside aficionado, you’ll be able to recite the signature details in a heartbeat. But don’t worry; this isn’t a test. We’re always happy to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs a quick knowledge refresher: the Dockside can generally be known by three key details.

First, you’ve got the discernible Box Stitch. This stitch aims to both anchor and mask the beginning and end of the hand sewing process (all Sebago boat shoes are hand sewn by a group of the finest craftspeople who have inherited the boat shoe legacy as a tradition, handed down generation by generation) in a clear-cut, purposeful way.

Then there’s the Heel Seam Stitch. This is a stitch that doesn’t mess around — it gives the shoe a notably stylish air, but it’s not just about the aesthetics. It joins the heel and upper leather neatly together, using an old Colonial stitch full of strength and distinction; and it provides much-needed protection for daily wear (so you can feel free to scramble over the rocks in Salcombe without fearing for your boat shoes).

Finally, there’s the Outsole, which is full to bursting with slip resistance thanks to the channel slipped soles. The Docksides rubber sole was specifically designed for sailors who would be rushing from the dock to the boat deck; so you can rest assured that these shoes will keep you safe from any unwanted slipping or sliding this summer.

The Russell & Bromley retains the Sebago silhouette (and, of course, the aforementioned iconic details); and it’s been given a sleek, subtle transformation. Crafted in a range of colourways including tan or navy nubuck, tan vintage leather or waxy brown leather, this is an unlined shoe with a lace-up style; all things considered, it prioritises comfort, durability and effortless style in one leather package.

And this is no passive purchase. There’s an opportunity for gentlemen to get involved, too; if you like the look of the Docksides (and, frankly, why wouldn’t you?), you’re invited to post a picture of your existing deck shoes on social media, with the hashtags #RBxSebago and #yourdocksides. Why, you ask? Because that will enter you into a competition to win a brand new pair of the Russell & Bromley x Sebago shoes. Trust us: this is a competition you’ll want to enter.

This is going to be a good summer — we’re sure of it. And you know what will make it even better? You can presumably see where we’re going with this, but we’ll tell you anyway: a pair of the Russell & Bromley x Sebago shoes will lift this summer from a good summer, to a great summer. Get hashtagging, gents; you won’t regret it.

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