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Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

As the watchmakers celebrate their two year anniversary, we take a look behind the brand

The Domeni watch is a thing of pure simplicity. Pairing bold, clean design with the best Swiss-made movements, there are few watches as precise, smooth and straightforward as a Domeni.

But the journey to achieve this simplicity wasn’t so cut and dry, founder Dominick Cullari tells me.

Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

Now celebrating their two-year anniversary, Domeni have grown into a global brand. And, from launching through crowd-funding corporation Kickstarter to exploding onto the worldwide watch market, there have been challenges along the way.

But now, in the new timepiece niche of lifestyle luxury, Domeni is both the name on everyone’s lips and the watch on everyone’s wrist.

Domeni itself, or the Domeni Company, is a play on the name of Cullari’s grandfather, Domenico. Although the two never met, at a young age Collari was given a vintage Zenith ‘Victorious’ by his grandfather – a bequeathment that marked the beginning of both the young entrepreneur’s love for watches and his passion for design.

Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

And whilst his classmates doodled their dream cars or mansions whilst growing up, Cullari sketched timepieces. From face and straps to crowns and hands, the young Cullari drew watch upon watch until he finally refined his designs into what he deemed the ‘perfect’ timepiece.

By the time he graduated from university in New Jersey – with invaluable classes at the Robert Busch School of Design under his belt – Cullari had finished his plans for an accessory that bridged the gap between urban and high fashion. A blank-faced hybrid, the watch was clean cut, well-defined and effortlessly stylish – lifestyle luxury.

Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

And, luckily for Cullari, it didn’t exist.

So the graduate set to work. Using pioneering 3D printing technology, Cullari created dozens of foam models of this ideal watch, slightly altering proportions and measurements as he went, and refining the materials and models he used.

Eventually he settled on a 40mm, stainless steel circular case, an 18mm strap crafted from Milanese mesh or premium leather and a gold-plated, Swiss-made Ronda 1069 6 jewel movement.

Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

The Domeni Company Signature Series, as Cullari’s creation came to be known, was distinct, customisable, and versatile. The rarest of accessories: a blank canvas that made a statement. And it has gone from strength to strength.

Now available in gold, rose gold, silver and black, with navy, white or black faces and a variety of straps, the design at the centre of the Signature Series remains the same as it was in Cullari’s original sketches. Flagged as a rising horological star by many worldwide fashion watchers, Cullari – and the brand of watches that bear his grandfather’s name – are ones to watch.

Why the Domeni Company are ones to watch

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