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The Diary: The Deck x Turnbull & Asser Collaboration Launch

Last Thursday, the great and the good of the fashion world gathered together to celebrate a unique sartorial collaboration...

We’re assuming you’ve heard of a certain Royal Warrant shirtmaker named Turnbull & Asser? And we’d place good bets on you — a sartorial, stylish gentleman with reams of ‘savoir faire’ — being more than familiar with the Savile Row-based women’s tailoring brand The Deck, launched by businesswoman Daisy Knatchbull in 2019? In which case, you’ll want to hear about the event that took place on 30th September: an event celebrating the launch of a collaboration between these two top-quality tailoring stalwarts.

Last Thursday, a glittering guest list stepped through the sleek, glossy doors of The Deck’s Savile Row store — which also happens to be the first ever women’s only shopfront on the iconic street — to celebrate the launch of a limited-edition shirt collection, courtesy of the Jermyn Street bespoke shirtmaker and the Savile Row women’s tailor.

Daisy Knatchbull

David Flintwood and Jonnie Goodwin

Guests including Princess Olympia of Greece, Ivar Mountbatten, Sabrina Percy, Caggie Dunlop and Jonnie Goodwin gathered to raise a glass to the triumphant collaboration between Turnbull & Asser and The Deck: the result of which is four brand new shirts, all with their own distinctive character; but all with matching levels of impeccable, unrivalled quality.

Emily Steel

Hum Fleming

The evening was a soaring celebration of expert tailoring and chic, suave style: and the sparkling event served as a rousing homage to the boundless creativity and sublime elegance that a collaboration between two leading style brands can bring about. The four shirts go, respectively, by the names of The Traditionalist, The Minimalist, The Romantic and The Expressionist. They’re just as evocative as their names suggest; and every bit as refined as one would expect from two such sophisticated brands.

Archie Manners

Caggie Dunlop

As the Billecart-Salmon flowed with the abundance typical to a joyful, jubilant celebration, the guests mingled throughout The Deck’s chic, debonair store (if you’re thinking that ‘debonair’ is usually a word attributed to men’s style — you’d be right. But Savile Row didn’t play host to women’s tailoring until Knatchbull and The Deck came along; so let the boundary-breaking continue, we say), surrounded by previous examples of the brand’s sublime tailoring.

Daisy Knatchbull and Philip Knatchbull

Ron and Atalanta Kirk

The evening was a celebration of fashion, style, tailoring and — most of all — exquisite taste. We’re sure we’re not alone in enthusing over The Deck’s collaboration with Turnbull & Asser — and we’re equally sure we’re not alone in waiting on tenterhooks to see what Knatchbull and her trailblazing brand will go on to do next.

Catherine Hayward

Alice Manners

Ivar Mountbatten, Daisy Knatchbull and James Coyle

Freddy Knatchbull, Philip Knatchbull and Tom Lorrimer

Sabrina Percy

Princess Olympia of Greece and Peregrine Pearson

Penelope Cherry and Becky French

Daisy Knatchbull and Freddy Knatchbull

Eliza Manners

Matilda Lowther

Angelica Hicks

Ciinderella Balthazar and Daisy Knatchbull

Flora Vesterberg

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