A detox like you’ve never had before

Be rid of the toxins and discover a healthier version of yourself this autumn

After spending your summer months in Ibiza, Mykonos or even just at many rooftop parties in London, autumn inevitably brings both the falling of leaves and, more importantly, the need for a thorough detox. As the cold weather sets in and tans fade we can’t help but feel that, whilst the summer was fun, it has left our bodies feeling a little rough and ropey.

Sure, going to the gym and drinking green juice will help, but getting up at 5.30am whilst it’s still dark? No gentleman wants to spend his mornings getting up that early. So, sometimes, a bit of external help is needed – and that’s where the bathhouse at the South Kensington Club comes in.

Wellness orientated members club, SKC is the ultimate hang-out for the gentleman who likes to take care of himself – but wants to do so in a luxurious environment. From a state of the art gym, to juice bar, to restaurant and to spa – SKC has everything. And, with the recent introduction of their Russian Bathhouse, it has now become the go-to destination for every gentleman in need of a detox and recharge.

The rejuvenating jewel in the crown of SKC is the Russian Banya. Banya, a traditional Russian practice, is used as a form of mental escapism, at once invigorating and detoxifying for the body. During the ‘initial ritual’, you will enter the Banya, which is commonly considered more pleasant than a traditional sauna, with a higher humidity and lower temperature. Once inside, the special ‘Banya microclimate’ is created.

Firstly, a herbal infusion is poured onto the hot stones of the Banya oven – creating deep, earthy aromas that have an immediately relaxing effect. Next, the banschik (your personal Banya therapist) will take hold of his veniki (softened and heated whisks of birch and eucalyptus leaves) and use a series of coordinated arm movements, much like a dance, to increase the flow of air and distribute the heat evenly around the room. The temperature hovers at around 75 degrees centigrade, opening your pores and relaxing your muscles.

Once the treatment is completed, you are taken to a plunge pool where your body immediately goes to an ice cold temperature. This increases circulation to vital organs and tissues, thereby increasing the removal of harmful toxins and the delivery of oxygen. Meanwhile the change in temperature stimulates the pores to open and close, initiating a cleaning effect that leaves the skin bright and luminous. It is a total system reboot which leaves you feeling totally cleansed and relaxed. And, afterwards, you are encouraged to spend some time relaxing in the Tea Library where you can choose from a selection of fine teas that have been carefully sourced from around the world.

After indulging in a Banya, The Hammam is a perfect next step. At the beginning of this secondary treatment, you will have the choice of either a honey or sour cream scrub. The antibacterial properties of the coffee used enhances the stimulating effects of this full-body exfoliation. The coffee’s neutral pH level reduces irritation and addresses inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema or acne. If you feel a tad worn out, then this is a great rejuvenating treatment to get you – and your skin – looking its best again.

An afternoon spent in the Russian Bathhouse is guaranteed to rid the summer toxins and bring you back to life ready for winter. SKC hosts a wide range of treatments to suit all your grooming needs, so get perusing and choosing from their selection, found here.

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