These are the destinations where burned-out billionaires are taking time off

You’ve thought up, founded and fostered a multi-million pound start-up. Now, you want only to relax. We look to real-life entrepreneurs for travel inspiration...

Being super rich can be super stressful. From dealing, day-in day-out with huge corporations, to being responsible for the wellbeing of your hundreds of employees, sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered.

And, if you are lucky enough to have billions of pounds to your name, a long and luxurious sabbatical is more than attainable. You can throw your designer duds into the best suitcase money can buy, and jet off around the world to experience some truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences — excursions put off so long because of your strenuous career.

Award-winning luxury travel agent Black Tomato, and Original Travel are just two of the companies who facilitate these sumptuous sabbaticals. But just where are burned-out billionaires heading to let off some steam?

Some are finding their inner peace — and snow leopards — in deepest India

Trekking through a remote part of India — although spiritually it’s still Tibet — to learn the basic tenets of Buddhism and see snow leopards is a fine way to relax. And, as Original Travel tell us, a notable businessman recently booked this holiday to find inner peace. That is, after he sold his company for “hundreds of millions”.

The entrepreneur in question, anonymous naturally, was “accompanied by a Tibetan Buddhist monk who explained to him the basic tenets of Buddhism as they traveled.

“Meanwhile,” Tom Barber of Original Travel continues, “we had a team of hides in a region of Ladakh known for its snow leopard population. When they spotted them, we had a helicopter on hold and a professional photographer. It’s one way to recharge one’s spirituality — even if it’s going to set you back a pretty penny…”

Some entrepreneurs are travelling the length of Chile to cool off

Torres del Paine mountains in Patagonia, Chile

Travelling an entire country from top to bottom is an incredible and varied experience. And Chile, long and sinuous, is the perfect option. Stretching along most of the western coast of South America, the variety of environments and activities to throw yourself into is unrivalled.

Black Tomato have been offering tailor-made trips of the country — and they are the perfect trips to be snapped up by burned-out billionaires in need of a break.

“In the North,” says Tom Marchant, Co-founder of Black Tomato, “guests will enjoy gourmet feasts out in the expanse of the Atacama Desert, private vineyard tours in the Colchagua Valley and bathe in the coastal glory of Vina del Mar. In the South guests can let their inner explorer run wild, kayaking the iceberg strewn waters of Patagonia, venturing into the volcanic fields of Pali Aike and discovering the mysteries of the Chiloé archipelago.”

Some are reconnecting with their family on safari in Botswana

When amassing a fortune, you have to make certain sacrifices. And, unfortunately, one of those sacrifices might be eschewing family time to push your start-up over the finish line. Original Travel, however, tell us that whole families have been booking big game excursions in Botswana to reconnect with their nearest and dearest.

According to Tom Barber, he can organise whole family trips to go on safari around “the lush riverine Okavango Delta.

“There’s no better bonding experience than sitting round a campfire with a beer discussing what incredible big game sightings you’ve had that day,” he says. And, if your planned trip is going to encroach on term time for the kids, Original Travel also arrange for a private tutor to accompany travellers. Now that’s five-star service.

Some are taking isolated road trips in Namibia

If getting away from everything and everyone is a billionaire’s favoured escape, then there is nowhere better than Namibia. With around 7 people per square mile, this African nation is a true bastion of escapism — not to mention natural wonder.

The team at Original Travel have organised road trips across the country in the past for businessmen looking to get away from it all.

“We kit out the 4×4 with all the latest navigational/comms tech and supplies and let them rip,” he says. “The sense of getting right off the grid in a stunningly beautiful country is increasingly liberating and the ultimate digital detox.”

Some are experiencing a whole new world in Japan

You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere where ancient traditions sit so comfortably alongside the cutting edge modern world than Japan. And, for those looking for a cultural awakening, there is nowhere better to do so.

According to Black Tomato, men and women who are looking to step out of their boardrooms and comfort zones can “expect to dine on some of the world’s freshest sushi on a private tour of a local fish market, enjoy traditional onsen baths and kaiseki cuisine in the peaceful surrounds of Hakone and connect to your spiritual side on an ancient trek from Tokaido Road to Hakone-Yumoto.”

Some want to get their adrenaline pumping in New Zealand

We’re not saying that the great nation of New Zealand is just a billionaire’s playground, but there are a lot of incredible adventure activities for the super rich offered on the volcanic islands. Original Travel have taken people there to partake in a spot of everything from heliskiing to learning to sailing with former America’s Cup sailors.

“We work with a superb network of helicopter suppliers in the country” says Tom Barber, “so we can arrange heliskiing in the most remote mountain rangers or heli-fishing on virgin trout streams.”

Or, for entrepreneurs who prefer to see the magnificent country from the ground, they have supplied top of the range Range Rover and the best five star accommodation the country has to offer.  

Some don’t care where they go...

Now this is surely the ultimate escape. If your business and your billions have really been getting you down, then Black Tomato and their team of expert planners will whisk you away — and give you virtually no control over proceedings.

“The only control you have over the experience is the environment that you are dropped in” says Tom Marchant. “Polar, Jungle, Desert, Mountain or Coastal. Upon arrival you begin exploring your way through a series of mapped out check-in points staying in private, purpose built accommodation throughout and encountering unexpected but perfectly tailored experiences that are plotted through your route.”

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