David Gandy makes his directoral debut with Gentleman’s Journal

The legendary model stepped behind the camera to direct ‘I am The Smart Commuter’

David Gandy is a regular presence in front of the camera. From his gym-motivating swimwear campaigns to cool aftershave ads, the model has made a name for himself as the archetypal modern gentleman. But, for his latest project, Gandy has moved behind the lens – and Gentleman’s Journal are proud to present the model’s directorial debut; ‘I am The Smart Commuter’.

Created in partnership with two of the biggest brands in luxury – Iguana Yachts and Gentleman’s Journal – Gandy’s film features fellow model Simon Clark swapping the traffic of central London for the calm of the River Thames as he commutes into the city.

But, despite Gandy bringing star quality to the crew, the real focus of the film is undoubtedly the Iguana Yacht, a pioneering invention and the world’s first luxury amphibious vessel. Unlike anything else on the Thames, the Iguana Yacht looks peerlessly sleek in the water, and can traverse up onto land using its dual caterpillar tracks – a feature Gandy was keen to capture on film.

‘My idea was the ultimate gentlemen’s commute in the morning,’ Gandy tells Gentleman’s Journal, ‘and I think many men still want to aspire to that old school feel.’

‘I’ve always been part of the creative side a lot more over the last few years, I don’t think people quite realise that. And I’ve always tried to put great teams together, but this was the first one when I spoke to Gentleman’s Journal and explained I didn’t want to be in front of the camera, I wanted to be behind it.’

Gentleman’s Journal, of course, were happy to help – and along with Gandy, Iguana Yachts and One Menagerie, we took to the river to shoot Gandy’s directorial debut. True to form, brands from Ray-Ban to Lock Hatters accessorise the film, and suiting from Chester Barrie and Anderson & Sheppard ensure that the entire production is anchored in sartorial style. Take a look at the finished film.

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