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The crucial differences between arrogance and confidence

Confidence is an essential trait in all gentlemen, but arrogance needs to be left at the door the second you walk into any room. Knowing where the clear line of distinction for the difference between the two is, is something that a lot of gentlemen, young or old, successful or not, need very quickly determine. Remember, a smirk is the face of an arrogant man, and a smile is the face of a confident gentleman.

A arrogant man: treads on other people’s toes

An arrogant man will laugh in the face of others if he’s made them feel stupid, or when he’s climbed to the top, but a confident one will know what he wants and do all he can to get there, but will never bash anyone whilst he’s on his way up.

A arrogant man: can’t admit his own faults

Knowing when you’re wrong, and when to admit you’re wrong, is essential. An arrogant man will find it hard to believe that he’s ever actually done something that can harm or offend others. A confident man will know when to argue his case, and when to admit that he’s in the wrong.

A arrogant man: ignores other people’s advice

An arrogant man will find it hard to believe that his advice isn’t the best out there, and will refuse to listen to anyone else who might have his best interests at heart. A confident one will appreciate when it’s right for others to step in, and when to listen.

A arrogant man: doesn’t think before he does

Not thinking about the actions you’re about to take because you can’t be bothered to think of the consequences is potentially disastrous, and an arrogant man won’t ever think twice. A confident man will think through what he’s about to do, will understand his actions and will think clearly.

An arrogant man: can be spotted a mile off

Arrogance is an ugly trait and the only reason it’s often confused with confidence is because it’s a first impression, but as soon as someone gets to know you, they’ll realise. Manners make the man, and confidence is something that we should all aim to possess, so long as it doesn’t then turn into something bigger. You need to understand where you, and others, sit, and when it gets too far off the other end and appreciate that the moment you find yourself never listening to others and always putting yourself first, it’s time to put yourself in check.

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