Crockett & Jones are treading new ground with their latest campaign

With their #MadeToBeWorn campaign, the British brand are encouraging owners to share photographs of their own shoes in action

Crockett & Jones make very, very good shoes. We should know — we’ve spent time inside the Northampton-based factory where the pairs come to full-grain, lace-up, Goodyear-welted life.

They are shoes built to last. They can be worn day-in-day out, take the brunt of everything from a daily commute to a life lived outdoors and can be resoled and restored when they start to show their age. And that’s why we’re so taken with the storied British brand’s latest campaign.

#MadeToBeWorn couldn’t be clearer in its intent. Crockett & Jones want prospective buyers to see that their shoes were made for wearing, and cultivate a community of like-minded loafer, boot and brogue wearers the world over.

And, from ‘The Coniston’ to ‘The Cavendish’, people are sharing their shoes in droves. We’ve seen snaps of owners’ footwear treading through muddy puddles, crunching through autumn leaves, pushing the pedals of bicycles — or even just under a desk at the office. One tagged photo even shows a pair of monkstrap ‘Lowndes’ shoes at a wedding.

Crockett & Jones are treading new ground with their latest campaign

It’s a savvy move by the shoemaker. By bypassing models — and even influencers — in promoting their shoes, they’re treading new ground when it comes to spreading the word. Who better, after all, to attest to the quality of these products than those who paid good money for them and use them every day?

What’s more, by promoting their shoes in this way, Crockett & Jones are ensuring that consumers forge a bond with their designs, and understand their intended ‘personalities’.

It would be all well and good shooting the full brogue ‘Islay’ boot in a studio — but when you actually see it stomping a path through a forest, contending with cold British weather or even pairing seamlessly with a suit, you suddenly grasp its rugged, handsome personality — and can imagine all the more vividly owning a pair in the real world.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a pair of the best British shoes — be they tassel loafers or brogued Derby boots — head over to Instagram first to see how they look and cope out there on the streets and terrain you’ll be walking them in. But, like we said, with the innate quality and continued ingenuity of Crockett & Jones, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Crockett & Jones are treading new ground with their latest campaign


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