Crockett & Jones’s ‘Generations’ campaign celebrates the shoemaker’s made-for-life footwear

Ever present during man’s most important milestones – the first job; a first date; his wedding – the Northampton label’s creations are produced to last

In a world of excess and abundance, it pays healthy dividends to invest in the right things. Splashing out on a premium mattress will, with little doubt, offer a decade or so of splendid sleep; beautiful cashmere can see you through many winters; and selvedge denim won’t fall apart like its more economical counterparts. At Crockett & Jones, it’s all about producing singular footwear that will last the years, an ethos that has driven the company since its founding in 1879.

Throughout its existence, the revered Northampton shoemaker has been feted for its high-quality, world-renowned creations that’ve found favour with the likes of HRH King Charles III and Daniel Craig’s James Bond, with each pair that comes out of the factory the result of a handcrafted process that comprises roughly 200 separate operations executed by skilled artisans; Europe’s most premium leathers; and the use of Goodyear welts, that famed sole construction that guarantees durability and stability. It’s a ‘successful recipe for producing beautiful handmade shoes’, as the ventures says. Moreover, when they need a little bit of a revival – whether resoling is required, or a brush-up on the uppers is long overdue – each pair can be sent back to the factory, where they’re lovingly repaired on the exact last number on which they were originally constructed.

For its latest campaign, shot by Gentleman’s Journal, the focus is firmly on this notion that a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes – if properly cared for and maintained – can last across the generations, with the video chronicling the various milestones in one’s life...

Scene 1: picking a pair

We start with the moment our lead gent picks out his first pair of premium shoes – in this instance, high-shine Oxfords – which he laces up and steps out into the world in.

Scene 2: the first day of work

Then comes the first day of work, a major step in one’s vocational life that is at once nerve-racking and galvanising. During this day in the office, the Oxfords are beautifully complemented by a pair of grey trousers and a leather briefcase, a timeless ensemble for any professional.

Scene 3: finding love

Outside the workplace, we then see our lead on a first date; wearing his finely crafted shoes, he’s able to put his best foot forward when walking through the bucolic setting with his new love interest.

Scene 4: getting married

At some point down the line, we witness the couple, side by side, walking on a small path. Showered with confetti, the groom in a double-breasted blazer and the bride in white tailoring, it’s a beautiful celebration of their wedding day.

Scene 5: the next generation

And, finally, we end with an at-home shot, where the couple’s young child steps into the very same Oxfords that one day he’ll grow into and, eventually, wear throughout the important stages of his life…

Crockett & Jones Connaught

Crockett & Jones Connaught

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