Could the Polestar 3 change the face of SUVs?

How the Volvo-owned sub-brand is turning the tide on the perception of 4x4s…

When it comes to cars, the electric revolution has very much arrived. Whilst the start ups and mavericks have historically led the way, the auto giants have recently woken from their slumber. And where once upon a time consumers only had a couple of brands to choose from, now their options are rich, varied — and often game-changing.

Polestar is one such brand that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Owned by Volvo, it’s often referred to as “Volvo’s start up.” This is a little unfair, as Polestar has become one of the leaders in the electrification field in its own right. In a little over five years, the marque has taken on the mammoth challenge of automotive sustainability (it has pledged to create a truly climate-neutral car by 2030) and in turn has built a highly desirable brand name.

Most recently, and excitingly, it launched the Polestar 3 — the company’s first SUV, and a real coming-of-age moment for the brand and for electrification in general. The Polestar 3 is expected to debut in October 2023 and will be a fully electric five-seat SUV capable of producing up to 380 kW (517 hp).

This has obviously been a milestone car for the brand and has been the catalyst for increasing its manufacturing footprint in the US. With the car itself, Polestar have tried to capture those feelings that make an SUV so special and desirable, from the increased ride height, to its imposing on-the-road design.

At the same time, its aesthetic seems somewhat sleeker than your conventional SUV — something attributed to the engineers’ desire to create an SUV with optimised aerodynamics, including a subtle front aero wing and integrated rear spoiler. The company is obviously hoping that their latest creation will win over many new fans, and we think it’ll succeed.

The SUV category has never had a great reputation when it comes to emissions, and consumers are slowly changing their attitude to gas-guzzling ‘Chelsea Tractors’ as everyday vehicles. Polestar, however, turns the trend on its head with its latest release — and ushers in an exciting new chapter of the revolution.

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