Cocktail of the Week: The London Nº1 Gin ‘Zesty Pine’

Macerated in 12 botanicals and matured in American oak casks, The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin is the perfect spirit for this woody cocktail…

These days, when it comes to flavoured gins, you can hardly see the wood for the trees. Bottlers have branched out enormously of late, infusing the venerable spirit with more disparate, dicey flavourings than you can shake a bunch of juniper berries at. And that’s ironic; given how little respect most modern producers actually have for gin’s most important ingredient. 

Thank goodness, then, for gin-makers like The London Nº1. Staying true to the spirit of the spirit, this British brand doesn’t go in for gimmicks or faddy flavours. Instead, it teases the best, most natural flavours from the traditional London export. And, with the producer’s latest ‘Sherry Cask’ bottling, we cannot only finally see the wood for the trees, we can taste it too. 

Because this new, rich release drinks like a forest in a tumbler. Initially macerated in copper stills, the gin is later aged in American oak casks; barrels that previously contained Jerezano ‘Tío Pepe’ wines for a decade. For three long, delectable months, the gin matures in these casks, developing both a timbery taste and a pale-gold colour (a shade that differs decidedly to the brand’s more famous bold blue gin). 

“This new, rich release drinks like a forest in a tumbler…”

The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin brims with the fragrant aroma of juniper berries and various botanicals  — including zesty lemon peel, liquorice and savoury bergamot. But it also sings with that subtle touch of wood and vinous sensations. Smooth, elegant and complex on the palate, it pours at a velvety 43% ABV — which makes it the perfect candidate for cocktail-making. 

So what to mix? Here at Gentleman’s Journal, we’d suggest the ‘Zesty Pine’ — a short, sapid sipper that showcases every flavour note the new spin from London Nº1 has to offer.

Once mixed, the cocktail comes alive with the woody, floral flavours of the spirit — enhanced by a sprig of piquant, potent rosemary. A touch of lime brings even more ‘green’ notes to the mix, and ensure every sip is fresh and light. Even the ice plays a part; cooling the creation and allowing hidden ‘Tío Pepe’ notes to emerge onto the palate. So buy a bottle (only 5,000 will be released every year), and learn how to mix the ‘Zesty Pine’ below…

How to make The London Nº1 Gin ‘Zesty Pine’


  • 2 Large Ice Cubes
  • 75ml of The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin
  • 1 sprig of Fresh Rosemary
  • 1 slice of Freshly Cut Lime


  1. Fill a glass with two large ice cubes
  2. Pour in The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin
  3. Stir until the spirit has sufficiently cooled
  4. Garnish a slice of lime and sprig of rosemary
Cocktail of the Week: The London Nº1 Gin ‘Zesty Pine’

The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin


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