Cocktail of the Week: The London No.1 Gin ‘Blue Martini’

Looking for a colourful twist on a classic cocktail? The London No.1 Gin brings its bold blue hue to a traditional drink…

The martini is not an undermixed cocktail. Around the globe, one of these high-strength, high-stemmed classics slides across a bar every second or so. Some are shaken, some are stirred, some are dirty — but they are all martinis; perhaps the most popular, prominent of any cocktail ever created.

But that makes this drink very difficult to reinvent. The London No.1 Gin has, however, managed to put a fresh twist on this traditional drink — against all odds. How? By mixing it using the brand’s own bright, bold blue gin. (Scroll down for an exclusive 20% discount code). It’s a seriously alternative shade, and that makes for a seriously alternative martini — with added vibrancy and eye-catching, exciting spirit.

“It works amazingly in martinis,” International Brand Ambassador, Boris Iván, tells Gentleman’s Journal. “Even with the dilution caused by stirring, the gin has enough strength and body to carry all the flavours. And that’s important since — beside gin — the ‘Blue Martini’ recipe contains only a minimal measure of vermouth and diluted water.”

The spirit itself also packs a flavourful punch. Iván explains that bergamot oils are added to the gin after distillation, and this results in sharp, fresh citrus notes and an aftertaste reminiscent of floral Earl Grey tea.

“These oils are also responsible for the beautiful viscosity and mouthfeel,” adds the brand ambassador, noting that the spirit’s unique textures and taste are just two of the gin’s several sensory strong points. Another, of course, is that striking blue colour — a reference to unfiltered historic gins, and a colourful touch that pays homage to cocktails of the past.

“We are in the second golden era of bartending,” says Iván, “when everything old is new again. Blue drinks were popular in the 1990s. And, more and more, I’m seeing blue drinks popping up again.”

How to make The London No.1 Gin ‘Blue Martini’


  • 70ml The London No.1 Gin
  • 15ml La Copa Extra Secco Vermouth
  • Lemon Twist (optional)


  1. Chill a martini glass
  2. Add ice to a mixing tin
  3. Pour in The London No.1 Gin and vermouth
  4. Stir thoroughly and strain into glass
  5. Garnish with a lemon twist

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