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Cocktail of the Week: Patrón’s Añejo Old Fashioned

Slightly sweetened and infused with zesty orange, this twist on the traditional cocktail is the ideal way to shake up the age-old Old Fashioned…

Call us old fashioned, but we like our cocktails best when they’re kept classic. We mix our Martinis with gin, dose our Daiquiris with rum and shake up our Sidecars with brandy. And, when it comes to the Old Fashioned, we’ll almost always reach for the bourbon bottle. That’s the way it’s been for decades — and long may it continue.

And yet, here we are advocating a slightly spicier spin on the bourbon-based cocktail. Why? Because, while it may be a tequila-based twist on the traditional drink, this more modern Old Fashioned rivals even the original. It enhances the age-old recipe with sweet, oak-aged añejo tequila from Jalisco, Mexico — and brings steamy, subtropical flavours into the long-established mix.

“This more modern Old Fashioned rivals even the original…”

Patrón’s piquant, potent Añejo tequila intensifies the zesty orange flavours of the cocktail’s garnish, and shines a lip-smacking light on the peppery, flavourful aromas of the herbal bitters. Slightly sweetened with sugar syrup, the docile notes of the choice Central American spirit are shaken awake — rousing suggestions of oak and raisins; honey and melon.

Build it over the biggest chunks of ice you can find, and the slight, measured dilution will even temper the fiery mouthfeel that puts many off the Mexican spirit. That way, it’ll be brought even closer to the cocktail you know and love — whilst still introducing you to a fresh way of thinking and drinking. Old Fashioned; made new.

How to make Patrón’s Añejo Old Fashioned


  • 60ml Patrón Añejo
  • 7ml Simple Syrup
  • 1 dash Bitters
  • Orange Zest (to garnish)


  1. Hold an orange over an Old Fashioned glass
  2. Use a peeler to take off two strips of orange zest
  3. Make sure to express the oils into the glass
  4. Add your Patrón Añejo, simple syrup, and bitters
  5. Drop in the biggest cube of ice you can find
  6. Stir thoroughly, and adjust sweetness to taste

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