Cocktail of the Week: CleanCo ‘Clean Americano’

Spencer Matthews’ non-alcoholic spirits brand has put a clean spin on a classic cocktail. Here’s how to mix it…

Fun fact: The Americano was the first cocktail ever ordered by James Bond. In Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royale, 007 enjoys “two excellent Americanos” onboard a flight to Istanbul. And, while the world-famous superspy is more closely associated with the shaken-not-stirred martini, we’d suggest he should have stuck to his fully-loaded guns.

Because the Americano (a bitter blend of Campari, sweet vermouth and, occasionally, sparkling water) is a first class cocktail. Originally mixed in creator Gaspare Campari’s bar, Caffè Campari, in the 1860s, it has become a standard serve around the world — with drinkers and Double-O agents alike drawn to its rich red colour and moreish, biting flavour. 

"The Americano is a first class cocktail..."

Today, even non-drinkers can enjoy the acerbic, acquired taste of the Americano — thanks to Spencer Matthews’ CleanCo. The non-alcoholic drinks brand has whipped up a spin on London Dry Gin, called Clean G, and it makes the ideal base ‘spirit’ for a teetotal Americano.

Combined with San Pellegrino’s San Bitter Aperitif, the Clean G recreates that unmistakably bitter, balanced sweetness — and a fresh orange wedge compliments the drink’s fruit flavours and spices. Once mixed, it’s a non-alcoholic alternative even James Bond would raise a glass to. Here’s how to make one this weekend…


  • 50ml of Clean G
  • San Pellegrino San Bitter Aperitif
  • Two Orange Wedges


  1. Pour Clean G into a chilled highball glass 
  2. Top up with a bottle of San Bitter
  3. Squeeze one orange wedge in and discard
  4. Fill the glass with ice 
  5. Garnish with second orange wedge

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