Clive Christian is leading the new wave of men’s aftershave

There's a new king in the world of luxury goods...

There’s a new king and queen in the world of luxury goods. The Noble VIII perfume range is the latest in a long line of offerings from Clive Christian Perfume, the former Crown Perfumery granted the unique honour of using the Royal Crown as a symbol of its continued excellence. 

Clive Christian is leading the new wave of men’s aftershave

Born to a biochemist father and artist mother, it’s fitting that Clive Christian’s design career led him to combine these native influences. An expert in luxury interiors, he waited until 1999 to branch into fragrances, but his name already invokes a level of quality and heritage of a centuries-old perfume-maker.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the make-up of these scents, teasingly split into masculine perfume Immortelle and its feminine counterpart, Magnolia. Both billed as “a perfume of noble birth”, the pair are housed in regal, 50ml bottles, crafted with crown-shaped stoppers in a stylish black-and-gold finish.

Clive Christian is leading the new wave of men’s aftershave

Inspired by the indulgent ornamentation of the Rococo movement in 18th-century France, the Noble range is steeped in tradition, all the way down to its carefully-curated ingredients. The women’s perfume is a heady blend of magnolia – an ancient, resilient flower that nonetheless achieves a highly delicate odour – and oakmoss, an essential ingredient in the finest of French fragrances.

The king’s aroma, on the other hand, is underscored by musky papyrus – and draws on the immortelle flower of Southern Europe, named for the vibrant, unfading yellow of its petals. The lasting impression is that of an institution set to stay – it might be the best proof yet that good taste never dies.

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