The best Christmas gifts for interior design lovers

From a set of statement tapas plates to a bold, gold cocktail shaker, here’s what to present any interior design aficionados in your life this Christmas…

Forget men who have everything; interior design lovers are the hardest people to buy presents for. Of course, it might not seem that way. After all, there are so many options on offer in the houseware and home accessories category, you should be spoilt for choice. But those who redecorate round-the-clock and feng shui for fun tend to know exactly what they like — and what they don’t.

So, if you’re buying for an interior design lover this Christmas, avoid anything too big. Steer clear of standing lamps and statement chairs — things they might hate but can’t hide. Instead, go for objet d’art; gifts that add a little something extra to their homes without imposing on their own, established tastes. Gifts like the 12 tasteful, restrained options below…  

For first-time buyers: Sonic Editions ‘Robert Redford’ Print

If any of your friends or family members have bought their first flat or house this year, a framed print is the ideal Christmas gift. This particular print, a Terry O’Neill shot of legendary actor Robert Redford sitting astride an off-roader, is the perfect choice to brighten up those brand new walls.  

Sonic Editions ‘Robert Redford’ Print


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For music enthusiasts: KEF ‘LS50 Meta’ Speakers

There’s a serious price tag attached to these ‘LS50’ speakers from KEF. But, if you surround yourself with serious audiophiles all year, you need to prepare to dig deep at Christmas. And, with their revolutionary acoustic technology and 12th generation Uni-Q with MAT driver array, these speakers are the best we could sound out.

KEF ‘LS50 Meta’ Speakers


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For the forgetful: Ettinger Travel Tray in Navy

Less a gift for interior design lovers; more a helpful present for your forgetful friends and family members. This handsome travel tray from Ettinger, crafted from waxy navy cowhide and lined with soft suede, will ensure even the most scatterbrained giftees never lose their keys, wallets or masks every again. 

Ettinger Travel Tray in Navy


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For the style-conscious gourmets: Royal Doulton ‘Pacific’ Tapas Plates

If your friends exclusively entertain in their kitchens, look for a gift that’ll spice up the next dinner party you’re invited to. Royal Doulton’s small-but-thoughtful tapas plates are a considered gift; compact, bold and featuring designs inspired by the sea. 

Royal Doulton ‘Pacific’ Tapas Plates


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For the well-read: Kyri Leather Magazine Rack

Well where else are they going to store their issues of Gentleman’s Journal? (That is, of course, providing you also sign them up for the finest magazine subscription in town). From Kyri, this affordable home accessory — cast in brass and trimmed with leather — gives off serious vintage vibes. 

Kyri Leather Magazine Rack


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For the jet-setters: Bellerby & Co. Mini Desk Globe

Know someone who loves to travel — but spends the whole working week shackled to their desk? This compact globe is the perfect present. Just 22cm in diameter, it sits on a hardwood walnut base and spins on roller bearings. It’s customisable, and quite pricey — but an heirloom in the making.

Bellerby & Co. Mini Desk Globe

From £1,199

For the green-fingered: London Terrariums ‘Carboy’ Terrarium

We all know the importance of house plants. But this, the giant teardrop-shaped ‘Carboy’ from London Terrariums, will offer green-fingered giftees something a little different to their usual succulents and spider plants. A statement piece, the plants inside are guaranteed to thrive for decades. 

London Terrariums ‘Carboy’ Terrarium


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For the winter workers: Floris Ginger & Sandalwood Candle

Winter calls for candles. During the duller days and the darker nights, nothing will banish your friends’ working week blues like a flickering flame and a fragrant scent. Gift them the best; this uplifting ‘Ginger & Sandalwood’ candle from aroma masters Floris.

Floris Ginger & Sandalwood Candle


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For the candle fanatics: Zippo Rechargeable Candle Lighter

While we’re on the subject of candles, here’s a lighter that’ll brighten anyone’s Christmas Day. Requiring no refilling or butane, this rechargeable gadget lights wicks with a mesmerising beam of blue electricity. And it’s not only practical — that copper-toned handle and slickly utilitarian flexible neck really look the part, too. 

Zippo Rechargeable Candle Lighter


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For fitness fanatics: Gym Marine ‘Hock Loft’ Dumbbell Set

We all know at least one person who’s serious about staying in shape — even over the indulgent Christmas period. And, if your gym-fond friend also has a thing for interior decoration, there’s no better present than a set of Gym Marine dumbbells. Sculpted out of finely ground oiled solid walnut and brushed stainless steel, this ‘Hock Loft’ set makes for the ideal muscle-building gift.

Gym Marine Hock Loft Dumbbell Set

From £3,750

For the history buffs: RAF Station Clock

Assembled in England to the highest standard, these made-to-order RAF station clocks are not only highly functional — but they also tick by every minute with history and heritage. In a solid wooden case, stained and lacquered with a rich dark mahogany finish, it’s a statement piece that tells a story.

RAF Station Clock


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For the houseplant addicts: Patch ‘Fractured’ Plant Pot

Earlier this year, we asked Patch Plants for the best houseplants to up productivity. But, if your friends and family’s houses are already stuffed to the canopies with ferns, palms and ficuses, why not buy them a bold pot instead? We’d recommend this tastefully distressed, fractured design. 

Patch ‘Fractured’ Plant Pot


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For the house proud: Linley Magnetic Walnut Coasters

If your friends or family members truly are interior lovers, they’ll want a good set of coasters. And David Linley’s walnut design will not only stop them wincing every time you put down a cup of hot coffee — they’re also sleek, sophisticated and created with craftsmanship unlike any other coaster. 

Linley Magnetic Walnut Coasters


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For the home bar brigade: Ralph Lauren ‘Wyatt’ Cocktail Shaker

And, finally, something fun. Ralph Lauren knows how to throw a party — and this ‘Wyatt’ cocktail shaker is gilded, golden proof. Wrapped in a rich leather band, the streamlined design is the ideal gift for anyone who takes particular pride in their home bar. Who knows, they might even shake you a cocktail to say thank you.

Ralph Lauren ‘Wyatt’ Cocktail Shaker


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