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Cheaper than a London flat, your own private island off the coast of Scotland

No man is an island, so the saying goes, but perhaps every man should own an island

The average London property costs £1.2 million, which as we all know comes with barely enough room to swing a cat or set up a pot in which to piss. That same amount of money could purchase somewhere much more exciting, however, if only buyers were willing to look a little further beyond Middlesex. Luckily, what Britain lacks in affordable housing stock it makes up for in private islands that are, surprisingly, on the property market.

There is something magical about the prospect of having an island all to yourself. Perhaps it is the feeling of being master of your own domain, or more likely, the knowledge that nobody unwanted can show up. Maybe, as D.H. Lawrence wrote in his story The Man Who Loved Islands (which is about, er, a man who loves islands) the allure lies in “the whispering sound of the sea, and the sharp cries of the gulls… And best of all, the great silence”.

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