Cheaney’s collaboration with Brompton and Bremont is a dream team of British makers

Known for their time-honoured methods and functional designs, the trio have teamed up to create a selection of universally appealing products

Since at least 1886, Cheaney has been revered for its indispensable role in turning Northamptonshire into the epicentre of world-class shoemaking, with each one of the label’s products going through the hands of more than 120 skilled artisans who draw upon the highest-grade leathers, the finest of materials, and, more often than not, Goodyear welts, that hallmark of great footwear that ensures a solid, sturdy sole.

However, despite its deep roots, the brand is not averse to taking new ideas onboard – of late, it’s been part of a collection called the Makers Series and is joined by two other celebrated British ventures also known for their products that are made with real care and craft: Brompton, feted for its iconic foldable bikes; and Bremont, whose precise watches are made for the skies.

First in this triple collaboration is a limited-edition Brompton P Line, a portable and gracefully engineered folding bike for navigating city streets. Although this two-wheeler – which is defined by its deep tones of brown and Brunswick Green – is lightweight when carrying, it’s still made to last, having been produced from hand-brazed steel and tig-welded titanium. Finishing things off are complementary details – accents in brass and rose-gold – as well as a special saddle roll. The latter feature takes its influence from the watch rolls of Bremont, and is handmade in Salford from robust Italian leather (a material that matches another entry in the series; more below), and, thanks to the use of dark-brown and its buckled straps, it pairs perfectly with the Brooks saddle and the hardware that’s affixed on the back.

Then, kitting out the rider himself is a pair of timeless Chelsea boots, which have been made in a brown waxed leather that’s nicely offset by contrast beige stitching, a detail inspired by Bremont straps. Additionally, the sleek silhouette – suitable for both dressed-down and formal occasions – is counterbalanced by a durable rubber lugged sole that offers maximum grip and a firm footing wherever the terrain is bumpy.

Green pull loops, which feature the collection logo, add the final touches alongside the copper studs on the rear quarter – a discreet link to the finishing found on all other items in the edit.

Matching this unfussy style (as well as the saddle and saddle roll) is a belt, also made in brown waxed leather, with accent stitching, and tied together by an antique copper buckle. Once again, thanks to its pared-down looks, it’s appropriate for manifold occasions, from the restaurant table to the boardroom.

Keeping things ticking along nicely is the collection’s tool watch, a throwback-style timepiece that’s handmade in the Chilterns and is done out in a 40mm case, a dimension suitable for many wearers. Not only is the watch complementary to the bike in that it uses those rich hues of green and brown, but it also comes with an embossed leather watch roll, which, rather niftily, can fit snugly under the Brooks saddle.

Eschewing current trends in favour of timeless looks and pure functionality, the collaboration dials in to what each brand stands for. ‘The Maker Series collection shows a careful consideration for the history of British crafts,’ says a brand statement, ‘but not at the expense of a taste for adventure that only the proper preparation will allow.’

Cheaney x Brompton x Bremont

Cheaney x Brompton x Bremont

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