Introducing your next everyday office watch — at less than £200

Gentleman's Journal wore a James Derby watch for a week to see if it could stand up to the rigours of modern life

How much should you spend on a watch? As much a meal? As much as a deposit for a house? There is a strong argument to spend over £10,000 on a timepiece. But what if you don’t have that kind of spare change rattling around in your overly deep pockets — or simply don’t want to spend that much?

The answer is James Derby. This London-based watch company creates sleek yet distinctive watches, featuring highly-accurate Japanese quartz movements, for incredibly reasonable prices.

Introducing your next everyday office watch — at less than £200

We were lucky enough to get a James Derby Mayfair 40mm into the office to test out for a week, to see if it was as reliable a timepiece as we need. As such, it accompanied us to meetings, interviews, the daily commute and even the coffee run. How did it fare? Read on.

The slim rose gold case on this particular model slips perfectly under any cuff, so there are no major issues with the watch catching on your clothes, as chunkier watches tend to do. And, thanks to this slender profile, it’s a watch with great versatility.

"How much should you spend on a watch?"

Additionally, the case’s colouring, as well as its shape, contributes to its versatility. Rendered in a tasteful rose gold tint, this is the perfect colour for the summer. It gives a much softer visual than a yellow gold, and is therefore easier to work into your look in the summer months.

Going deeper than the aesthetics, the Japanese quartz movement inside the Mayfair keeps incredible time — as all quartz movements should. Keeping good time should obviously be the cornerstone of any good watch and, this one has it down to a tee. The battery in a quartz watch can also be changed by any reputable watch trader or repairer, which is handy when time stops and you need to get going in a hurry.

Wearing this James Derby around the office offered the feeling of wearing nothing on our wrists at all, thanks to its lightweight case and supple leather strap. There was no issue with irritation or rubbing whilst sat typing all day, as can often be the problem with metal bracelet watches.

Even if you’re working late, the watch stands up. With a crystal clear dial, the time is still easy to read in low light level situations. And, thanks to the robust quartz movement, there is no need to worry about a fragile movement if you end up having to run for the last tube home.

Introducing your next everyday office watch — at less than £200

In short, this watch is perfect for an everyday timepiece that you can strap on in the morning and not have to worry about for the rest of the day. It will keep up with your hectic lifestyle, look good doing so and — most importantly — not break the bank.

Introducing your next everyday office watch — at less than £200

James Derby Classic Mayfair 40mm


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