The brand that’ll revamp your wardrobe this year

Our rundown of the brand guaranteed to up the ante for you this year

This time of year is filled with cheers of ‘new year, new you’ wherever you look: on public transport, at your desk, in the paper, from your mother, from your wife. And while most of the this ‘helpful’ message is telling us, rather tirelessly, to stop eating, stop drinking and stop doing anything that’s in any way pleasurable, we’re here to tell you different.

The new year is the perfect opportunity to step up to the plate and revamp your wardrobe, starting with none other than the much-loved Ted Baker. A brand known for their classic pieces with a modern aesthetic, Ted Baker are the perfect starting point for your new year wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for pieces to wear to work or something to complement your visits to the pub on a Sunday, the new arrivals from the brand are guaranteed to keep your stylish no matter where you’re going and what you’re doing – and are sure to ensure that you’ll be the envy of every gentleman in the room. This collection is different to almost everything else out there right now because of its ability to perfect encapsulate a trans-seasonal look: the products look (and feel) luxury and the beauty of them is not only will they last you for years to come, but they’ll also work perfectly for whatever situation life throws at you.

The new year doesn’t mean that you have to totally change the way you dress, but it does mean that you should start to re-evaluate what you’ve been wearing for years. There’s no better time to throw out old pieces and add to your current selection, look no further:

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