This handsome 1972 BMW coupe will make you green with envy

A vintage motor of the highest calibre, these timeless wheels are — unbelievably — almost half a century old

Given that bright green is a colour we associate with speed — the colour that has us roaring away from lights and tearing off down the road — it’s curious how few cars are painted in the speedy shade.

Not to worry, though, for this 1972 BMW has enough pizzazz, panache and lashings of green paint to make up for that oversight. If you can believe that this modern-looking motor is almost 50 years old — we hardly can — then buckle in and let’s take a closer look.

This handsome 1972 BMW coupe will make you green with envy

Timeless and beautiful, this car’s shape was first designed in 1965 by Karmann, the pioneering motor design brand who worked with many German manufacturers of the time. This particular model was BMW’s effort to re-enter the luxury car sector after some early 60s money problems. And what a strong effort it is.

The aluminium bonnet, boot and doors save weight on the model, and this particular BMW 3.0 CSL was beefed-up mechanically to make it eligible for racing.

That’s where this beautiful scheme comes in. Splashed in Taiga Green — one of BMW’s most must-have period colours — this model also boasts a black stripe design down each side. And, as we all know, stripes make you go faster.

Not that this coupe needs any help in the speed department. With a 4-speed manual and 3.0 litre engine, this vintage Beemer will get you from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds, and on to a top speed of 137 mph.

Okay, it might not blow any minds by modern standards. But, coupled with its colour scheme, these are stats that would have turned heads back in the day — all the way from Dresden to Dusseldorf.

This handsome 1972 BMW coupe will make you green with envy

Inside, the car is beautifully laid out. Forests of wood trim give this an unrivalled luxury feel, and the punched black headlining, exclusive to the CSL model, is speckled in colour for an added shot of individuality.

The seats are new, from Scheel, and the door and window seals have all been replaced, but with only a handful of owners over its 43 years on the road, it’s in staggeringly good condition. So, if you’re feeling envious — and have enough of the green stuff to pick up this green one — take a look below…

This handsome 1972 BMW coupe will make you green with envy

1972 BMW 3.0 CSL

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