winter running gear

The best running gear for winter

Meet the kit that will entice you out on the track - even when it's freezing

New Year, new you? Theoretically, we’ve all dashed into 2020 with intentions of exercise, vowing to spend all of January getting our fitness back on track and shedding those extra festive season pounds. In reality, however, one look at the weather and the only thing we’re committing to is an extra hour in bed.

While it’s true you could simply join one of London’s best gyms – with all their centrally heated comforts – but really there’s nothing like the invigorating feeling of fresh air. Yes, you’d probably freeze if you went for a jog in 6am drizzle wearing nothing but your summer running shorts and an old t-shirt but invest in the best gear out there and you’ll be prepared come rain or… even more rain.

Find a quality, but breathable, jacket

The jacket is not something you’d usually associate with running. In summer, you want to wear as little as possible to run in. Even when the temperature does drop, once you’re a couple of miles in, you’ll be so warm that you’ll want to tear your jacket off and leave it by the roadside. But, on the rare occasion that the rain is really pouring, snow is falling or – worst of all – it’s sleeting on your parade, a jacket is essential.

But be careful. You need to ensure that you get something breathable, such as 2XU’s Xvent running jacket, a lightweight yet windproof shield against the elements. From Soar Running comes a more colourful option designed specifically to ward off the rain while allowing for ultimate breathability. Or, for the really run-engineered option, go for Iffley Road’s Marlow II jacket, triple layered, waterproof and windproof – with a range of handy trims to make sure you stay visible on those cold winter mornings.

2xu running jacket

2XU Xvent shell and mesh hooded jacket


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soar running jacket

Soar Running Ultra Rain 2.0 jacket


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iffley road running jacket

Iffley Road’s Marlow II waterproof jacket


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Invest in some tights. Yes, tights.

It may seem counter-intuitive to wear leggings – or, as some brands have horrendously termed them, ‘meggings’ – but there are real benefits to keeping your leg muscles warmed up on a winter run. You won’t stiffen up, and with trousers tighter to your legs, movement will be less restricted and you’ll inevitably clock a quicker time.

Under Armour are, of course, leaders in this field. Its HeatGear Armour compression leggings feature technology designed to regulate body temperature and provide a versatile, sweat wicking base layer for every workout. Falke Ergonomic Sport System’s jersey compressions tights feature a warmer, thicker materials with reflective trims and Nike’s Tech Pack tights feature a slightly looser, less restrictive fit with four pockets for storing valuables.

under armour running leggings

Under Armour HeatGear Armour compression leggings


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falke running tights

Falke Ergonomic Sport System Iron compression tights


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nike running tights

Nike Tech Pack running tights


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Wear the right shoes for the conditions

Ice and frost are not a runner’s friends. One slip or trip could end not only your morning jog, but put you out of action for a couple of weeks. As such, it pays to buy some alternative running shoes for the winter season, ones with better grip and a warmer snug shape.

Salomon’s Snowcross ADV LTD trail running sneakers are built for even the snowiest runs, and are incredibly resilient, providing superior cushioning, stability and motion control. Nike’s fan favourite Pegasus 36 Shield trainers feature a water repellant upper and outsole designed for extra grip on wet surfaces. Or perhaps opt for Hoka One One’s Speedgoat 3 trainers, finished with deep lugs for supreme stability and a soft midsole for a comfortable run.

salomon snowcross

Salomon Snowcross ADV LTD sneakers


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nike pegasus 36

Nike Pegasus 36 Shield trainers


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hoka one one speedgoat 3

Hoka one One Speedgoat 3 trainers


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Keep your fingers from freezing

One of the worst things about going for a winter run is returning into the warmth feeling as though your fingers have frostbite. Balling your hands into the tightest of fists can’t stop the encroaching cold, so why not buy a pair of purpose-made running gloves to keep your digits cosy and your outlook positive?

Patagonia, king of outdoor clothing, offers up its Wind Shield gloves, designed to protect you from the elements and made from lightweight stretch-jersey that’s both windproof and water-repellant. Tracksmith’s Inferno stretch-jersey gloves wick moisture and also feature innovative smartphone fingertips to let you use any running apps you may have on your phone. And, of course, Nike is also up there leading the field with its Therma gloves providing insulation and touchscreen compatible fingers pads.

patagonia gloves

Patagonia Wind Shield gloves


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tracksmith gloves

Tracksmith Inverno stretch-jersey gloves


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