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Tune into the podcasts that inspire these successful entrepreneurs

From Bloomberg Benchmark to Desert Island Discs, these are the podcasts you should be plugging into

Podcasts are now more popular than ever before, with an increasing number of speakers, panelists and experts ready to talk you through a limitless number of topics and perhaps offer you some advice. Choosing what to plug into as you take a run, squash onto a tube, or fall asleep can be a little overwhelming — but it’s one worth considering.

In a society saturated in an array of ways to drown out the day, selecting the perfect podcast is one that ought to be taken seriously, since it might just prove to be an important business tool. We asked five successful entrepreneurs for their top recommendations.

Abel Samet, founder of Troubadour


“I find that podcasts are a great way to catch up on news”, says the founder of fresh young luggage brand Troubadour, “and also spur new thinking about topics that I had not paid much attention to before. Russ Roberts of Econtalk does fantastic interviews with his guests and explores the interplay of economics with the real world.

“The Daily utilises the amazing resources of the New York Times to bring interesting, more in depth stories on a wide range of topics. Revolutions is a fun historical podcast with a quirky host that really delves into a specific revolution in history through dedicated series. I would recommend all three!”

Jean-Christophe Chopin, founder of BORN Awards

Pioneer and businessman Jean-Christophe Chopin, who founded the Born Awards to celebrate creativity in design lifestyle says, “I listen to the Bloomberg Benchmark weekly podcast, because it keeps me up to date with the latest news around the world with current affairs and financial information.

“It is so important to contextualise the economy via social, political and cultural viewpoints, and that’s exactly what this podcast does.”

Joel Burgess, founder and CEO of Nutrifix

Founder of nutritional app Nutrifix says,“My two favourite podcasts are Lewis Howes’ ‘The School of Greatness’ — in particular his episode ‘How to win (and why we fail)’ which I have listened to numerous times.”

He also confesses, “when I’m in the mood to escape my thoughts, it’s hard to beat ‘Desert Island Discs’.”

Henry Hales, founder of Sir Plus clothing

When he isn’t busy with the daily workings of Sir Plus, Hales says “When cycling I listen to podcasts. I like “How I Built This”, Monocle’s or GJ’s — of course!

“They’re all very inspiring and more often that not show that people are human and not otherworldly Elon Musk-esque entrepreneurs — which is reassuring!”

Philip Beahon, co-founder of Castore


One half of the team behind pioneering sportswear brand Castore says, “The Entrepreneurs by Monocle offers fantastic real life insights from entrepreneurs across a range of sectors and business sizes providing thought- provoking discussions. Finding Mastery hosts in-depth discussions about the true essence of success and how to balance professional and personal success.

“Listen to Loose Threads for cutting-edge opinions and analysis of the modern consumer economy and what challenger brands needs to do to stay ahead of the curve.”

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