Cheval Three Quays' Penthouse looks out over Tower Bridge

By Tower Bridge, this 5-star penthouse boasts the best views of London

With a bright purple velvet sofa, wine fridge and unrivalled views, this is about as opulent as the Capital can get

Some people would say Big Ben is better. Others would argue that the Eye is more iconic. But we, at Gentleman’s Journal, would posit that Tower Bridge is the best landmark in London.

Completed in 1894, the Bridge has been standing astride the Thames for over a century, but we’ve only just now found the perfect vantage point from which to appreciate it. Cheval Three Quays, a luxury riverside residence, is among the most exquisite penthouses London has to offer — and has perfect views of Tower Bridge.

By Tower Bridge, this 5-star penthouse boasts the best views of London
The view of The Shard

What’s even better about the Cheval Three Quays penthouse is its flexibility. You can book for one night if you’re just making a flying visit, but up that to a year or more if you fall in love with the view. And, let’s be honest, who’s not falling in love with that view?

Inside, the penthouse continues the tranquil theme of water from the river outside, flowing through floor-to-ceiling glass and using sweeping, circular shapes in every room.

But it’s not all river blues. The kitchen features some bright red statement lampshades, the bedroom a vast studded headboard and the lounge a vast purple velvet sofa with yellow cushions. Oh yes, it’s edgy.

And the neighbourhood itself is one of the best in London. Surrounded by culture and heritage as old as London itself — from the majestic Tower Bridge sitting triumphantly over the River Thames to the Tower of London home to the precious Crown Jewels — the City is not just a hub of finance and commerce but is home to a growing eclectic culture; from the gastropubs of Shoreditch to the unique and independent street markets of the Southbank.

But we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to stay in. A huge television and vintage Monopoly board are just two of the many ways to pass the time, and the kitchen, with its hamper of essentials and wine fridge, will leave you wanting for nothing. We’re also rather taken by the ‘cookbook of the month’, that will be changed in your kitchen every 30 days.

So kick back on your velvet sofa, crack open that wine fridge and enjoy the view of Tower Bridge, the best landmark in London. No really, it is.

By Tower Bridge, this 5-star penthouse boasts the best views of London

Cheval Three Quays Penthouse

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