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AKG Y50BT Review: The best headphones you can buy right now

Headphones have become a necessity when it comes to taking any form of public transport. A single glance around the carriage on your next train journey will confirm this. Simply put, the days of having to put up with the banal conversations of others is very much behind us, as is having to sit through an hour of screaming children or pre-teens sodcasting at the back of the bus. Headphones are unequivocally a daily essential, and getting the right pair is paramount. The choice of cans, though, is as wide as ever, so we took the opportunity to get our hands on some of the best out there and put them to the test.


AKG Y45 - The Gentlemans Journal

The Austrian brand has built a reputation on formidably priced hardware that’s audiophile approved. This bluetooth set was solid although unspectacular. The fold-up design is perfect for travelling, as they get very compact, although the mechanism didn’t feel as robust as it could have. The bluetooth connectivity was intuitive to set up and they held charge well, only requiring a single top up towards the end of the week. The white frame, while bold, is accented well against the tan fabric.

Comfort: 6/10 – A little small for my ears, the circular shape not really fitting to the their shape.

Bass: 6/10

Acoustics: 7/10

Instrumentals: 6/10

Sound leakage: 7/10

Total: 32/50

Sound notes: Felt a little quiet at times, although the audio was clean and high quality, even at higher volumes.

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