The best and most exclusive members clubs in the world

Because every gentleman should chase exclusivity until he finds it...

Exclusivity: something that gentlemen all over the world chase and chase until they’ve found somewhere that raises the bar high enough. It’s not enough to go to the city’s coolest and newest bars; a gentleman needs somewhere that gives him an edge, a place that he feels at home and can call his own. These are the members clubs you need to know about, the homes of the rich, the young and the famous – some of the most exclusive watering holes in the world.

The bar at George

The bar at George

Everything that Richard Caring touches turns to gold, and George is no exception. The highly exclusive private members club was founded in 2001 and has been run by Caring since its establishment. The beauty is situated on London’s most beautiful road, and home to some of the world’s most luxurious labels, Mount Street. Owned by the Birley Group who are responsible for the likes of Annabel’s (more on that later), George is rare: some of the greatest business deals in London have been conducted within its four wall, which naturally are covered in David Hockney’s art.

Estimated membership fee: £750 a year

Membership terms: You must be proposed and seconded by two members of George. 

SOHO House, West Hollywood

SOHO House, West Hollywood

Soho House is one of the world’s most well-known members clubs, and also the coolest. Travel to almost every metropolitan city in the western world – LA, London, Berlin and Istanbul to name a few – and with more popping up year-on-year, and you’ll find SOHO House as the place to be. Founded in 1995 originally as a home from home space for creative minds, the club still has a huge waiting list and is one of the most sought-after in the world.

Estimated membership fee: Variable, depending on age and membership type. Est. £600 for Local House membership, £1600 for every house. For under 27s, £500 for local house, £900 for Every House.

Membership terms: You must be recommended by two current members of SOHO House. 

Kee Club, Shanghai

Kee Club, Shanghai

If luxury is the name of the game, The Kee Club (situated in both Hong Kong and Shanghai) is the place for you. As a member, you’ll mingle with some of most high-class, wealthy members of society –  some of the world’s biggest multi-continental deals are struck behind these doors. Members rub shoulders with the likes of Mick Jagger and Gwneth Paltrow, and no detail or luxury is spared.

Estimated membership fee: £1,959 per year.

Membership terms: You must be proposed by a member of The Kee Club

Getty Images

Getty Images

If you’re hoping to start running with the young London it-crowd, you need to become a member of 5 Hertford Street. Often cited as the city’s most exclusive members clubs, the club is run by The Birley Group and has an incredibly strict acceptance policy. Situated in the heart of London’s high-flying Mayfair, the distinctly coloured 23,000 square-feet 18th century townhouse has held some of the best parties London’s ever seen.

Membership fee upon request. 

Membership terms: You must have a proposer and a seconder who is already a member of 5 Hertford Street. 

Rex Images

Rex Images

Everything about Mark’s is as quintessentially British as it gets; dimly lit rooms, hot fires, some of the best-dressed waiters in the world. Elegance and tradition lay at the heart centre of a club who holds luxury and comfort as two of its most defining features. Mark’s has been welcoming ladies and gentlemen from all over the world through its doors since 1973, and much like the fine wine it serves, it just gets better and better with age.

Estimated membership fee: £2,000 a year

Membership terms: You must be proposed and seconded by two existing members of Mark’s Club. 

If there was one word that could be used to describe Roppongi, it would be ‘impressive’ – but then it’s pretty hard to sum up a club with this much stature in one fail swoop. Overlooking the whole of Tokyo, and with an incredible seven restaurants, two bars, and some of the best views in the whole city, Roppongi is as exclusive as it gets. Whether you’re in the market for work or play, Roppongi will give you exactly what you’re looking for – and more.

Membership fee available upon request. 

Membership terms: Potential screening and interview

If there’s a globally-known members club that’s founded on some of the finest service, food and drinks in the world, it’s Annabel’s. For the past 50 years, the club has welcomed the rich and the famous through its doors, putting on some of the most legendary entertainment and hosting some of the world’s best parties. Founded in 1963 by Mark Birley and named after his wife, Annabel’s is arguably one of the most glamorous destinations in the world.

Membership fee: Under 30s, £350 a year, with £250 entrance fee. Over 30s, £1,250 a year, with £1,000 a year. 

Membership terms: You must be proposed and seconded by a current member of the club.

It’s no secret that joining a members club is going to cost you a pretty penny, but nothing on this fine list comes close to The Yellowstone Club, where the membership deposit alone can set you back £228,000. The club partners with some of the world’s most exclusive institutions to give members direct access to places that they might otherwise struggle to have access to, St Andrews golf course, private yachts and charter jets to name a few. The actual club sits in the most incredible surroundings in Montana, where natural beauty rules and amenities range from golf courses, to ski slopes, to some of the best restaurants ski chalets in the world. Members include Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Bill Gates.

Membership fee: on top of the £228,000 joining fee, annual membership will set you back an estimated £27,000.

Membership terms: The Yellowstone Club is as exclusive as it gets, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone to give you a hand through the door.

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