The best bars in Bermuda

From a floating pirate paradise to one of the most traditional and iconic pubs on the island, these are the best drinking dens on the sub-tropical island

On the exotic and exciting island of Bermuda, there is a cocktail as potent as the charming culture – the Rum Swizzle. Known by the locals as ‘sunshine in a glass’, the Swizzle sees the famous local Goslings Rum meet fruit juice in a vibrant, sweet glassful – and is enjoyed across the isle, from Hamilton to St George’s. But where is best to drink this Bermudan beverage? Who knows how to swizzle up a Swizzle? What are the best bars in Bermuda?

The best bars in Bermuda

The Swizzle Inn

If it’s in the name, you know it’ll serve a fine Swizzle. One of Bermuda’s oldest, most traditional and beloved pubs, the Swizzle Inn is less the place to be than the places to be – for there are two locations. The first, located in Hamilton Parish is full of exotic vibes and lively drinking. The second, in Warwick Parish, is a little quieter, but keeps the Swizzle Inn feel flowing. And for good reason too – this is where the iconic cocktail was created.

The best bars in Bermuda

1609 Bar

Named for the year that Bermuda’s first settlers were shipwrecked on the pink sandy beaches of the island, this bar and restaurant is located in the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, elevated above the water of Hamilton Harbour.

An enviable marina – commonly boasting some of the finest yachts and vessels in these seas – you’ll be afforded uninterrupted views of the panoramic harbour to drink in. And, when it comes to actually drinking – and if you’re all Swizzled out – why not try the Shipwreck, a shot of the bar’s own double-barrel aged rum over ice?

The best bars in Bermuda

Calico Jack’s Floating Bar

Calico Jack was allegedly one of the only pirates to ever set foot in Bermuda. So, if you want your drinking to take a swashbuckling turn, take to this 75-foot floating bar, transformed from an original Bermuda Ferry and renovated to deliver a laid back atmosphere and island vibe. 

With a fantastic view of the historic dockyard – and an even more fantastic list of signature cocktails – enjoy everything from the grog to the soft summer breeze whilst feeling like a real renegade. And, with water activities on site, you can even walk the plank. Just make sure you’re not too swizzled to swim.

The best bars in Bermuda

Bone Fish Bar

Okay, it’s a different kind of bar, but we all need to eat – and there’s nothing better than fresh fish when staying on a sub-tropical island. From sushi grade tuna and meaty rope mussels to little neck clams and Atlantic salmon fillets, this is possibly the best fish on the entire island. And, once you’ve finished your shrimp and octopus, why not wash it down with something from the enviable wine collection or, you guessed it, a Rum Swizzle or two.

The best bars in Bermuda


Harry Cox was known, for years, as ‘the man at the helm’ of Bermuda. An avid photographer, historian, writer and lover of food and drink, this bar bears the icon’s name as a tribute. 

Selling Harry’s Special Rum Blend – a spirit made to the man’s precise original specifications – a drink or two here is the perfect way to capture the spirit of old Bermuda. Think contemporary design meets timeless elegance – and true gastronomic excellence to boot. They also make a mean Dark ‘n Stormy®  – Bermuda’s national drink also made with local Goslings Rum, if you’re all swizzled out.

Article written in association Bermuda Tourism Authority. #GoToBermuda

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