These are the best action cams to capture your summer

Whether you want a GoPro, or something a little more specialist from DJI or Insta360, here are the best tooled-up, tricked-out gadgets for filming…

What are you doing this summer? Mountain biking across the Pyrenees? Diving the coral reefs off the coast of Papua New Guinea? Or just kicking back at a bar with a view and uncorking a sweet bottle of rosé?

Whatever your plans, there’s only one way to capture them; with a tooled-up, tricked-out action camera. These portable content-creating gadgets were made for summer — small enough to slip in your carry-on, but packed with more megapixels than some seriously big budget cameras. From the big names to the smaller, more affordable options, here are the best action cams to capture your summer…

GoPro HERO10 Black

What’s it for? GoPro fans. If you’ve been following the scratchproof, shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and any other -proof innovations of the global tech company, you’ll want to upgrade to the latest model. It’s like an iPhone in that way; if your iPhone could survive being thrown off a cliff…

How good is the camera? It’s good — 4K120 good. The HERO10 Black will take 23 megapixel cameras and can even shoot in unreal 5.3K60. And, thanks to that all-new GP2 processor, it all sets records as the most powerful GoPro ever.

When should you use it? We’d use this one in the water. Perfect for any aquasport aficionados, it’s built tough and technically enough to stabilise a surfer’s footage (thanks to HyperSmooth 4.0) or take the knocks of the most daring canyoner.

DJI Action 2 Power Combo

What’s it for? Achieving the most versatile, ergonomic action cam experience possible. With a super-handy magnetic design, this ‘Power Combo’ from DJI can clip on T-shirts, straps, harness or wherever else you want to film from — without leaving a mark.

How good is the camera? It’s a solid offering in the megapixel stakes; a capable 12. There’s also a countdown timer for stills, and some excellent 4K video options — with additional slow motion, time-lapse and stabilisation features.

When should you use it? When you’re looking to capture a point-of-view experience. Unlike the GoPro above, the ace up DJI’s sleeve is that lightweight magnetic mounting system, which makes it considerably easier to clip to your clothing. 

These are the best action cams to capture your summer

DJI Action 2 Power Combo


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Insta360 ONE RS

What’s it for? Ensuring you don’t miss any of the action. This nifty option from Insta360 is the only action camera that shoots 360 and wide-angle action shots (with just the simple swap of a lens). If you’ve got bold stunts or scenery to capture, this is the camera for you.

How good is the camera? Razor sharp. Expect detailed 4K video, shooting at 60 frames per second and bolstered by horizon lock and ‘FlowState’ stabilisation. For stills photography, there’s a huge 48 megapixels.

When should you use it? If you’re looking to create something truly cinematic. Thanks to the interchangeable lenses, you’ve got the ability to shoot ultra-detailed 6K footage, with a classic 2.35:1 ratio for widescreen viewing.

Kaiser Baas X450 4K Action Camera

What’s it for? Those who like to know what they’re shooting. Although most action cams connect to apps these days, the large two-inch touchscreen on the X450 makes it easy to frame your shots before you shoot them. 

How good is the camera? Not bad — for the money. You’ve got in-built gyroscopic stabilisation and 4K resolution (though only at 30 frames per second; half that of the Insta360 camera above). For stills, 14 megapixels.

When should you use it? When adventuring. Most action cameras will survive any bashes or crashes, but there’s no telling when you might lose your £350 GoPro over the edge of a waterfall. This option, however, won’t break the bank; so it also won’t break your heart if something unfortunate happens. 

These are the best action cams to capture your summer

Kaiser Baas X450 4K Action Camera


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Akaso Brave 7 LE

What’s it for? More peace of mind. Even cheaper than the Kaiser option above, this compact option from Akaso has a lot of rugged tech packed into a small package; including convenient dual colour displays.

How good is the camera? Surprisingly good. It can shoot in 4K video (30 frames per second) and even has reasonable image stabilisation. But the best feature is perhaps saved for its stills photography; shooting at 20 megapixels.

When should you use it? When you’ve otherwise got your hands full. With a Wi-Fi supported remote control, you can control this one easily and effortlessly from a distance — whether you’re taking a simple selfie or leaping out of an airplane.

Oclu Action Camera

What’s it for? Perfectionists. The best feature of Oclu’s action camera is ‘LiveCut’; a trademarked bit of tech that allows you to delete unflattering or unwanted parts of recordings on the fly; and export only the best clips.

How good is the camera? As good as most others on this list. It’s equipped with 4K video capabilities, shooting 30 frames per second, the ability to shoot 12 megapixel stills and some seriously smooth image stabilisation.

When should you use it? Whenever you’re in a squeeze — literally. Perhaps the most impressive part of Oclu’s action camera is its sleek, aerodynamic design; which makes it unobtrusive and less likely to be knocked out of position.

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